Meet the Pack: Sean McManus

When it comes to raising money for animals, PETA loves to be creative. And that’s when our PETA Pack program often comes into play. The PETA Pack is a group of runners who participate in various races—from full marathons to 5Ks—in the name of animal liberation.

This year, six of our runners will take on the United Airlines NYC Half marathon on March 17. This 13.1-mile race will begin in Brooklyn, make its way over the historic Manhattan Bridge and up FDR Drive, wind through Times Square (one of only two times it’s closed each year), and finish in Central Park.

Each of our vegan runners will raise funds for PETA causes close to their hearts. We’ll introduce you to one of our runners each week during the lead-up to the big race.

Meet Sean McManus! He’s a passionate vegan runner who will travel all the way from Leeds in the U.K. to New York City to run with the PETA Pack. For him, this race is an opportunity to call more attention to the urgent need to stop tormenting and killing animals for food and dispel myths about healthy vegan eating.

Living vegan is a no-brainer when one considers the tremendous suffering of cows, pigs, chickens, and other sensitive animals on factory farms; the devastating environmental impact of animal agriculture; and the dangerous health conditions that can arise from consuming meat, eggs, and dairy.

Sean says, “Being vegan aligns my lifestyle with my values of compassion and responsibility for the planet. Now, as I lace up my running shoes, each step represents a commitment to these ideals. This race is an opportunity to call attention to the urgent need for the ethical treatment of animals and to promote a more sustainable way of living.”

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