Running the ‘Flying Pig’ for Pigs!

The PETA Pack offers a special way to raise funds for animals. Whether you’re walking your dog or running a marathon, holding a fundraiser for PETA can make your physical activity beneficial for both you and animals. Chelsea Swinford-Johantges a dedicated PETA staffer, will participate in a half marathon with the PETA Pack this month. 

USA Today named the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati the Best Marathon in America, and Chelsea is making it even better by dedicating their 13.1 miles to actual pigs suffering in laboratories. Despite significant physiological differences between pigs and humans, pigs are still used in cruel experiments and invasive medical procedures.  

Pigs are social, playful, and protective animals who are known to dream, recognize their names, and lead social lives of a complexity previously observed only in primates. Most humans wouldn’t dream of treating their dog the way pigs are treated, even though pigs are able to experience the same pain, joy, fear, and misery that canines do.  

For many runners, the Flying Pig Marathon is nothing more than a fun event and a physical challenge. For Chelsea and the PETA Pack, though, it’s a chance to raise money and awareness for pigs being used in laboratories. Please support Chelsea’s run today! Want to join in on the fun? Get involved with the PETA Pack today.