10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

Here is this week’s list of easy daily ways YOU can do to make a difference for animals. We hope that every week you’ll spend a few minutes taking some of these quick actions!

  1. Learn how PETA got the nonprofit GreaterGood to revoke its claims that the wool and silk it sells are “cruelty-free.”
  2. Meet the nearly 500 lucky animals who were sterilized at our latest free clinic in Mexico.
  3. PETA is offering to help repair a dam in Utah with a 60-foot-long crack—but there’s a catch. Learn about the stipulation.
  4. View the troubling footage of an elderly elephant walking the streets of Butte, Montana, following her escape from Jordan World Circus.
  5. Give kudos to Jason Derulo for canceling his show at SeaWorld following our campaign.
  6. Tell a young person in your life that they can earn amazing prizes by taking action for animals.
  7. Dogs deserve vegan treats, too! Shop these fun biscuits for your animal companion.
  8. See PETA India celebrate Ingrid Newkirk’s late mother, Mary Patricia Ward, on the anniversary of her birth by serving delicious vegan food to women and children in need.
  9. Get an update on a PETA-supported team in Ukraine that rescued five dogs from an abandoned village.
  10. Learn how to make your home a welcoming wildlife habitat.