10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

Here is this week’s list of easy daily ways YOU can do to make a difference for animals. We hope that every week you’ll spend a few minutes taking some of these quick actions!

  1. Add your voice to the growing call for the shutdown of the miserable Washington National Primate Research Center.
  2. Get the scoop on PETA entities’ call for a strike on having sex with meat-eating men.
  3. Jump-start your autumn activism by watching PETA U.S.’ unique virtual classes.
  4. Discover the best ways to fall in love with this season’s flavorful bounty.
  5. Help others understand why cats aren’t safe outdoors.
  6. Urge companies to reconsider their ties to the notorious Miami Seaquarium, where Lolita the orca has been languishing in tanks for decades.
  7. Slashing your food costs with vegan meals is easy—here’s how!
  8. Not a social butterfly? Get inspired by these simple, creative ways introverts can stay active for animals.
  9. Do you know a Starbucks barista? Encourage them to join the push to stop the chain’s hypocritical surcharge for vegan milk.
  10. Tell everyone you know to steer clear of these invasive cosmetic surgeries for companion dogs.