10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

Here is this week’s list of easy daily ways YOU can do to make a difference for animals. We hope that every week you’ll spend a few minutes taking some of these quick actions!

  1. This is what Oregon Health & Science University didn’t want you to see: videos from its shockingly cruel alcohol and infidelity experiments on voles. Take action now!
  2. Test your knowledge of PETA’s vital programs and the many ways we help animals.
  3. If you live in Virginia or know anyone who does, please support our effort to get an important state bill passed in order to protect animals used in experiments.
  4. See why PETA opposes and works against prejudice of any kind.
  5. Explore the interactive online version of PETA’s powerful “Without Consent” traveling exhibit.
  6. Get the latest on PETA Germany’s harrowing rescue and relief work in Ukraine.
  7. We’re calling out incompetence and cruelty at Boston-area institutions after a Massachusetts Institute of Technology experimenter left a macaque in a restraint chair for more than 18 hours.
  8. Know someone who thinks PETA is “too controversial”? Here’s what to tell them.
  9. Learn about goats’ unique lives and abilities, and remind others that these animals deserve our respect.
  10. Help others understand why it’s a good thing that breathing-impaired breeds will ultimately cease to exist.