10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

Here is this week’s list of easy daily actions you can do to make a difference for animals. We hope that every week you’ll spend a few minutes taking some of these quick actions!

  1. Learn how the decision to adopt, not shop, can help prevent the suffering of breathing-impaired dog breeds during heat waves and year-round.
  2. Read about a groundbreaking scientific project to grow cells without the use of fetal calves’ blood or any other animal-derived products.
  3. Encourage others to join you in opposing plans for the world’s first-ever octopus farm—a watery hell for highly intelligent cephalopods.
  4. Superstar Lizzo has donated one of her hit songs to PETA! Watch and share the empowering video to see why compassionate living has folks feeling “good as hell.”
  5. Join the push to replace animal dissection with the cruelty-free, hyper-realistic SynFrog.
  6. Check out a PETA artist’s thought-provoking reimagining of what Disney dogs would look like if they were forced to endure the real-life misery of being chained or penned.
  7. Urge companies to reconsider their ties to the notorious Miami Seaquarium, where Lolita the orca has been imprisoned for decades.
  8. Contact your congressional representatives in support of the FDA Modernization Act.
  9. Stay up to date on why PETA wants infamous trainer Bob Baffert banned from horse racing.
  10. Tell everyone you know to leave crayfish off the menu.