Give This, Not That: Valentine’s Day Edition

Yes, giving your partner a gift of chocolates or a stuffed bear can be fun, but this year why not show your love in a truly impactful way by doing something meaningful for animals? We’re sure Cupid—and your valentine—will understand and appreciate your compassion.

Here are 10 easy ways you can show animals love this Valentine’s Day:

Send Houses, Not Candy Hearts

You can donate an insulated doghouse to help make dogs banished to the backyard a little less miserable during the frigid winters and scorching summer heat—or provide PETA fieldworkers with necessities from their Amazon wish list.

Don’t Pop Bottles of Bubbly—Burst Bubbles!

Join PETA’s Action Team and alert your community to the horrors of using animals for experiments, food, clothing, and entertainment.

Say NO to Pricey Perfumes and Give Your Partner a PETA Present Instead

Looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day? By giving a virtual PETA Present to your loved one, you can simultaneously provide an exhausted bullock with relief or help us save a bunny’s skin from the fur industry. The recipient of your gift will be excited to receive a PETA e-card with your personal message, a beautiful photo, and details about how their present will help animals.

Forget Cupid—Become an Angel for Animals Yourself

PETA Prime provides a weekly updated list of easy things you can do to make a difference for animals. Spend just a few minutes taking some of these quick actions on Valentine’s Day.

Show Off Your Heart of Gold, Not Your Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Get inspired to speak up for animals within your own community, circle of friends, and family with these activism ideas. Making every day count with small actions can have a big impact on animals and can be easily built into your daily routine. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Give a Box of Donations, Not Chocolates

Don’t let your grandmother’s outdated furs rot in storage or in a damp box—pack them up and send them to PETA! Donated fur coats, stoles, and trim will help our educational displays and anti-fur “fashion shows” and provide vulnerable animals with bedding. Your unwanted furs may also help refugees, the unhoused, and other humans in need.

Skip Doughnuts With Fondant and Donate Funds

If you have appreciated securities that have been held for longer than one year, donating stock directly to PETA will help us achieve even more victories for animals. It can also offer you significant financial benefits, including that you won’t owe capital gains tax on the shares that you donate—and neither will we!

Spice Things Up Outside the Bedroom: Reinvigorate Your Passion for Activism

Get access to our exclusive video catalog of on-demand classes taught by our own experts and other experienced, practical, and knowledgeable authors, activists, and game-changers. Register for on-demand access.  

Don’t Profess Love—Bequest a Legacy

Include a gift to PETA in your will or trust or by beneficiary designation. A gift in your will is one of the most common ways to create your legacy and offers many benefits, and it helps us plan for the future. You can help us create a more compassionate world for animals simply by signing your name.

Remember, the Best Gifts Come From the Heart

Donations of jewelry, artwork, real estate, and other forms of property are welcome ways you can offer important support for PETA’s lifesaving work for animals. You can also help protect animals when you donate your motor vehicle. The proceeds from the sale will directly benefit our work to expose and stop cruelty to animals, and we accept vehicles in any condition from all 50 states.

Don’t waste this Valentine’s Day hoping for roses when you could be hugging your rescue! Let’s do something meaningful for animals who could desperately do with some love—and encourage our loved ones to do the same.

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