Show You Care Anywhere—Even From Your Chair!

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Calling all introverts: Animals want you! No megaphone? No problem. Check out these easy-peasy activism ideas, whether you’re heading out or heading to the couch.

Logo for it

On Zoom or popping down to the store? Kenya M. boosts animal rights with a PETA logo tee, lapel pin, or bumper sticker. Gear up at

Be an Animal Rights Influencer

When Emily J. goes to the salon, she makes sure they know why she wants cruelty-free products. Golfer Jim L. posts comments on golfing websites claiming that vegan shoes took two strokes off his game!

People Notice Her Notices

Evelyn W. staples PETA posters to telephone poles and bulletin boards—stock up on activism materials at

Keep Animals out of Harm’s Way

When Ingrid N. spots birds, raccoons, or other animals eating in the road, she moves their meal to a safer location.


Michelle R. uses her profile pic to convey an animal rights message quick. And when newspapers post breeders’ ads online, she always comments, reminding people to “adopt, don’t shop.”


Instagram ads give Tatiana A. the chance to comment, “Is this vegan?” showing companies that cruelty-free products are in high demand.

Geocatch This!

When Ethan E. and his family find a treasure while geocaching, they leave PETA leaflets and stickers for the next treasure hunter.

A Tasty Fruit Gives Ants the Boot

A . Rosen evicted uninvited ants by placing some chopped dates on a plate in a corner of her porch. The ants loved their treat and swiftly checked out of her home. She submitted the tip in a letter to her local paper.

A Book Can Help You Make Your Mark

Aimee R. donated Ingrid’s book 250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You to Know to her kids’ school library—the librarians wanted to read it, too! Chelsea S. asked her public library to order more vegan cookbooks, and they did!

Give Animals Room on Zoom

Elizabeth B. goes to for free animal-friendly backgrounds.

Calling ‘Cut!’ on Dissection

Student Alayna F. and her mother, Kaylie F. , worked with TeachKind, PETA’s humane education division, to donate SynFrogs to Alayna’s science class—preventing real frogs from suffering.

Yard Sale Jail-Breaker

When Lori K. spies a yard sale, she buys any birdcages, aquariums, or crates that are for sale so no one else can use them to imprison animals.

Clever as a Mouse

Karin B. notes, “Whenever I see a tag on a store shelf where glue traps are supposed to be, they’re never there. Someone must be hiding them so people can’t find and use them.”

YOU Are an Important Piece of the Puzzle

While ordering a puzzle, Kim R. noticed that the company supported Heifer International and two medical charities that experiment on animals. She shared her concerns and PETA’s investigations, and the company stopped supporting all three!

Kit Up!

After Kara W. rescued an injured gull in the middle of a busy street, she started to keep a rescue kit in her car. Grab yours at

Putting the ‘E’ in ‘PTA’

When school starts, Imani C. gives her daughter’s new teacher TeachKind’s Share the World curriculum, which makes a great lesson plan for substitutes.

Turn Waiting Time Into Animal Liberation Time!

Have some time to fill? Visit from the dentist’s office, airplane terminal gate, car wash, or anywhere else to take quick and easy actions for animals.