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Q&A With ‘Extreme Vegan Couponer’ Christine Perry

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You’ve seen her on TLC’s Extreme Couponing, and now she’s letting you in on some of her money-saving secrets. Perry, who has been vegan since 2007, is a relative newcomer to the coupon community. She says she “became obsessed” after watching just the pilot episode of the hit show. Now, the 29 year-old wife, mother, and guardian of two cats and a dog spends as many as 40 hours a week snipping coupons and planning her vegan-food hauls.

Check out the Q&A below to learn more about this compassionate, intelligent, and savvy vegan! You can catch Perry on Extreme Couponing All-Stars on Tuesday, January 24, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Be sure to tune in!

What does an average meal look like for you and your family?
I am absolutely obsessed with spicy food, so we eat a lot of bean/rice combos. Sometimes we’ll make yellow rice with kidney beans. Other times, it’s garbanzo beans with basmati rice. We always make sure to include a fruit or vegetable with every single meal.

Many people understand using coupons for packaged goods, but how do you get deals on produce?
Often, breakfast companies will offer deals on fresh fruit when their products are purchased. When those coupons come around, I try to get a large quantity of them. We are also always on the look-out for great deals on frozen fruits and veggies. They obviously don’t spoil as quickly and they can be substituted for fresh produce in most recipes.

Many people claim eating vegan is expensive. What would you say to them?
They’re crazy! Although I agree that eating specialty vegan/organic foods can be expensive, stocking up on staples like rice, beans, and frozen fruits/veggies can be done using basic coupons that everybody has access to.

What advice do you have for other vegans who are looking to save some money?
Don’t get discouraged and don’t assume that all coupons are only for meat/dairy. And really try to focus on stocking up on dried/frozen staples. These products have long shelf lives, and they can be incorporated into dozens of vegan recipes.

What was your proudest couponing moment or the best deal you ever got?
My proudest couponing moment was when I donated over $700 worth of merchandise to the East Lansing Food Bank (for round one of All-Stars). Seeing hundreds of items loaded into a truck, and knowing that so many people would benefit was truly amazing.

Have any insider tips that you’d be willing to share with fellow animal lovers?
Contact your favorite companies and ask them for coupons or samples. You’d be surprised what they are willing to send to loyal customers!

This article originally appears on PETA.org.

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  • Jillian says:

    Little of the items she purchased on the show were vegan. From the toothpaste, to the mustard, to the dog treats, there was not much vegan going on. If only it were that easy…I do credit her for being the first vegetarian to extreme coupon though!

  • dani g says:

    Even ignoring the brands that test on animals she still did purchase French’s Mustard which is also not Vegan.

  • Lisa says:

    Hooray christine, taking veganism into a mainstream TV show. although i appreciate the allegiance to ‘strict veganism’ and the comments about patronizing brands that do animal testing, one must use caution when sitting in judgment of a fellow vegan. Any person, for example, who has ever used virtually any medical prescription from antibiotics to birth control pills has unwillingly supported a product that was tested on animals.

  • Leah Frank says:

    You can pick up coupons for vegan burgers such as Garden Burger and Boca Burger on the several of the regular coupon sites such as coupons.com, smart source and Red Plum. I just printed several coupons for Garden Burgers. You are allowed two prints per computer. However, many times the site will reload the coupon so you can print again. These sites also contain coupons for various brands of soy milk, rice milk and almond milk. Many a the regular sites contain several vegan coupons.

  • veganpitbull says:

    I wholeheartedly support anyone who makes any movement toward a vegan lifestyle, but I don’t think Perry is a very good example of a vegan. If you watch the extreme couponing episode, you’ll see some items she buys from companies that test on animals. Likewise, she posts coupons from companies like Clorox. Vegan is not just a diet and there are many true vegans out there who can attest to this. I would label Perry a strict vegetarian, if anything.

  • Theresa says:

    @Wynter, some health food coupons can be found at mambosprouts.com. Sometimes Coupons.com as well. Of course the actual companies web site would also be likely to have the types of coupons you are looking for. I get mine from all three of these sources all the time. Hope this helps.

  • Christine says:

    Although I can see where Zoe is coming from, it HAS to benefit the company as well in the fact they’re coupons are leading to donations to needy families. Also, bringing them new shoppers who may not have picked up their product without the coupon. only like 1 in thousands actually extreme coupons so they’re not suffering much of a loss.

  • WYNTER says:


  • Zoe says:

    This is interesting, 40 hours per week is a full time job, I would rather work 40 hours and earn enough money to buy food at its full price, that way I know that the producers are not being coerced by supermarkets into selling their produce at a loss. I know it must be hard not to be attracted by these deals if you are on a tight budget or unemployed but someone has to pay the price and it may be someone even poorer than you. Where is the compassion then?

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