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Moving With Animals

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In today’s highly mobile society, it’s not uncommon for people to move frequently from one city to another. And although there is plenty of help out there in the form of moving companies and other businesses that can minimize headaches and offer affordable prices, for some, the task of moving can still seem daunting when animal companions are …

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Vegan Survival Guide Giveaway

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Every year, hundreds of books cross our desks here at PETA and the PETA Foundation. Some, such as those that promote hunting, do not meet good ends . Ahem. But others are so informative and entertaining that we want to give a copy to everyone we know. And that’s why we’re offering Prime readers a chance to win The Vegan Survival Guide: …

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Small Town Takes Big Step for Dogs

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Come visit the tiny town of Wheldon, North Carolina. This town recently enacted a total ban on chaining dogs, one of the strictest anti-tethering laws in the state. Well done, Wheldon!

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Join the Food Revolution Summit!

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Few issues have as great an impact on animals , the environment , and your health as the modern American diet. From the intense suffering of billions of chickens, pigs, and other animals on factory farms to the huge health-care costs of treating heart disease, diabetes, cancer and the multitude of other sometimes fatal ailments that frequently have a link to a person’s diet, …

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The Seal-Bashing Begins

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Yesterday marked the first day of Canada’s  annual commercial seal slaughter , in which tens of thousands of baby  seals are shot, bludgeoned, and skinned so that off-season fishers can sell  their pelts. Baby seals can legally be killed as soon as they lose their white  fur at just a few weeks of age, and most are killed when they are less than 3  …

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5 Ways to Connect With Others and Help Animals

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It’s no surprise that having close friends or family members can help us lead healthier, happier lives. But did you know that being lonely can literally make you sick? According to a recent article by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in O, The Oprah Magazine , loneliness can increase your risk of mortality by 45 percent. In contrast, obesity raises your mortality risk …

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Blue Ridge Mountains: Wine With Peaks

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The wineries in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains are a great treat after a day of driving and hiking while enjoying deep-woods scenery and high-elevation breezes. Wines with character? Peaks of Otter Winery has plenty of choices … and characters that provide extra incentive to stop in for a free wine tasting.

The Johnson family harvests apples, berries, …

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