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The Wonderful World of Bees

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About 15 years ago, after planting fruit trees in my yard, I noticed the trees’ flowers looked healthy, but I was getting very little fruit, even on some of my established avocado trees. I started to watch the blooms closely and noticed that there were few or no bees on them or anywhere in my yard. I have …

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Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Honored With PETA’s Justice in Action Award

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We first met Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton when she approached a group of PETA protestors outside the FDA over two decades ago. She wished us luck as we spoke out against corrosion tests on animals, and since then we’ve come to know her as a strong voice for justice for animals and human beings.


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Worried About Hot Flashes? Go Vegan!

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A new study showing that some women can suffer from hot flashes for up to 14 years has a lot of women breaking into a cold sweat. But there’s really no need to panic. There are natural ways to eliminate or diminish hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, including by eating low-fat vegan foods and exercising regularly.

According to Dr. Neal Barnard, the president of the …

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Couponing, Vegan Style

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One of my favorite things to do is discover new vegan foods, or new items of familiar brands, especially with a coupon! Check out these great deals on delicious vegan foods and “lettuce” know in the comments if you come across any other coupons for vegan fare. Bon appetit!




So Delicious


Beyond Meat

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Ingrid Newkirk on Huffington Post: Earth Day and Animal Products Don’t Mix

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Americans care about the environment. The majority of us think protecting the natural world should be given priority over economic growth, while nearly 40 percent of us consider ourselves environmentalists. So on this 45th Earth Day, let’s all take one simple step to help protect the environment. It’s more effective at combating greenhouse-gas emissions than switching to …

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PETA Prime Exclusive: An Interview With ‘Main Street Vegan’ Author Victoria Moran

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VM w dog

The bestselling author of 11 books on vegan ethics and holistic health, Victoria Moran has been the go-to person for vegan advice for nearly 30 years. Her popular book Main Street Vegan , which she co-wrote with her daughter, Adair, has been described as the new vegan bible and has received rave reviews from everyone from Russell Simmons and Moby …

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PETA Prime Book Club: Great Reads for Grandkids

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Do you have a grandchild or young niece or nephew who loves animals and reading? Then we think you’ll want to pick up one (or more) of these animal-friendly reads for little ones that have recently come across our desks:

Hobbes Goes Home by Tami Crupi-Zeman and Bruce Zeman Jr.

Richly illustrated by Shaunna Peterson, this inspiring book …

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