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  • May
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The Frugal Vegan: Cashing In With Compliments, Complaints, and Comments

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It often pays to speak up. We, as consumers, carry a lot of clout, and companies large and small are clamoring for our input. Most love to hear from us, and our feedback is invaluable to them—enough so that they often reward us.

When I find a product I like, I make a point of contacting the …

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The Dancer Who Loved Rats

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PETA and animals have lost a great friend with the passing of the talented performance artist and teacher Rachel Rosenthal , who died at her home in Los Angeles last week.

Rachel’s provocative performances—which combined various media, including music, words, video, costumes, paintings, lighting, and dance—enraptured audiences from Carnegie Hall to Sydney to Brussels. They had a way of dancing …

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Spring Produce: “More Peas, Please!”

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Spring is the season of renewal, and a delicious harvest accompanies this spring awakening. Eating with the seasons—and indulging in fresh, organic, local produce—is a great way to keep your body healthy and energized by maximizing one’s nutrient intake. I am loving the recent offerings from my local CSA and farmer’s markets, and I have been sampling …

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Stopping Bird Flu Starts at Dinner

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Several years ago, I had a friend named Apollo. He would struggle to his feet as soon as he saw me and carefully shuffle to my side. His little sounds of happiness filled the air as I scratched and petted him. He ignored virtually every other human, but he lit up when I was around. I wasn’t …

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  • May
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7 Good Reasons to Shun Eggs During National Egg Month

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Several months ago, PETA’s Los Angeles office, the Bob Barker Building , hosted an unusual adoption event. There were no dogs or cats or even rabbits. This event was for the birds — literally. Nearly 100 hens — who had been rescued by Animal Place from an egg farm that was “depopulating” birds who were no longer productive — were in need …

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  • May
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7 Ways to Help Animals While on Vacation

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Taking a vacation? Good. You deserve it. You already take action for animals in your everyday life, but how about helping them on the road, too?

Here are seven easy ways that you can help animals on your summer vacation:

1. Use HumaneTrip.com to plan your vacation.

Not only will Humane Travel make sure that your trip is compassionate in every way, …

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  • May
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PETA’s Nanci Alexander Center for Animal Rights Celebrates Five Years of Work

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When PETA opened its office in Washington, D.C., five years ago, we couldn’t think of a better namesake than Nanci Alexander . Founder of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida and owner of the landmark gourmet vegan restaurant Sublime in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nanci is a founding member and PETA patron extraordinaire. This year, we celebrated the building’s fifth anniversary with a brunch in Nanci’s honor …

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