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7 Must-Have Vegan Cookbooks

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Robertos cooking

When I stopped eating animals more than 25 years ago, many vegan cookbooks (when you could even find them) were a little uninspiring. They often seemed to have one goal: convince meat-eaters that they could still enjoy their favorite carnivorous dishes, with a few substitutions. I like “fish” tacos and Philly cheesesteaks as much as the next vegan, but sometimes, you want …

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My Dog Survived Hurricane Katrina

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Annie Nanibeach cropped

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast 10 years ago, it became the worst natural disaster to strike the U.S. in more than a century. TV viewers were horrified to see images of the storm’s impact not just on the human residents but also on the local animals stranded on rooftops, clinging to trees, and swimming frantically …

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Glue Traps: Pans of Pain

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One of the cruelest methods of killing animals that exists today is the glue trap. These devices consist of pieces of cardboard, fiberboard, or plastic coated with a sticky adhesive designed to ensnare any small animal who wanders across or lands on its surface.

In 2010, Canadian hardware store giant Rona told PETA that it would no longer …

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Interview With Star Tenor Lance Ryan

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Standing on the stages of the world, singing himself into the hearts of his audience, star tenor Lance Ryan is a devoted vegan. He talked with PETA Germany’s PETA50Plus , and we’re sharing the interview with PETA Prime readers.

Lance Ryan is one of the most sought-after tenor heroes in the world. Besides the tenor roles in Richard Strauss’ …

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The Magazine That Speaks Up For Animals

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US AT2-15 Front Cover

PETA members have just received the latest issue of Animal Times magazine, full of delicious recipes, heartwarming stories about animals helped by PETA campaigns, and easy actions to take to help stop cruelty and exploitation. Not a member yet? Change the world for animals by joining PETA today!

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PETA’s Push for Circuses to Evolve: Let’s Put Animal Acts Behind Us

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Bears do not voluntarily ride bicycles, elephants don’t willingly stand on their heads, and tigers are scared of jumping through rings of fire. So why do they perform these and other difficult tricks? They do these things because they know—and they dread—what will happen if they don’t.

For animals in circuses, there is no such thing as “positive …

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Have Tofu, Will Travel: Vegan-Friendly Cruises

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Looking for a vegan-friendly vacation on the high seas? You’re in luck; USA Today published a list of the best cruise lines for vegans. Bon voyage and bon appétit!

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