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Animals Are Wondrous: Elephants

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In their natural environment, elephants are highly social animals who live in multigenerational matriarchal herds. These tight-knit families work cooperatively to defend one another, search for food, and care for offspring—even receiving help from “babysitters” within the herd. Elephants talk among themselves, make group decisions, and celebrate achievements and momentous occasions.

Elephants also have elaborate mourning rituals, often …

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  • Jul
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To Prevent Shark Attacks, Stop Fishing

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This opinion piece by PETA Foundation staff member Becky Fenson appeared in several media outlets in the wake of shark attacks on swimmers in the U.S.

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  • Jul
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Ingrid Newkirk Interview: How to Travel and Be Kind to Animals

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In an interview with the Washington Post, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk talks about making compassionate choices when traveling, from entertainment to eating to traveling with kids.

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A Must-Read for New Vegans

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I sure could have used the new book Letters to a New Vegan: Words to Inform, Inspire, and Support a Vegan Lifestyle when I went vegan 23 years ago, after receiving a mailing from PETA. The book might have made my first few weeks as a vegan less … well, clumsy. It’s full of wise and warm letters from everyday vegans and well-known animal advocates alike, including PETA President Ingrid …

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  • Jul
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Lights … Camera … Animal Abuse?

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Given how profoundly animals suffer at the hands of humans, you would expect to see them rebel if given the chance, as depicted in the new CBS television series Zoo. But even though the rebellious animal characters in Zoo are fictional, real animals still end up paying a price for it. Zoo producers force live animals to participate …

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  • Jul
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One Fish, Two Fish, Don’t Buy a New Fish

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What does PETA President Ingrid Newkirk think of Dr. Seuss’ new book? The answer might surprise you.

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  • Jul
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The Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Major League Ballparks

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Why settle for popcorn and peanuts when you can score vegan cheesesteak, vegetable sushi, black-bean burgers, veggie dogs and other fantastic plant-based fare while you’re watching your favorite players round the bases?

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