YOU Can Help Animals by Streaming!

There are tons of simple yet powerful ways to take action against speciesism and animal exploitation, and your hobby may be one of them! Let PETA’s “Stream for Animals” campaign—and our first-ever Global Gaming for Animals Day on September 10—show you how.  

Not a Gamer? No Problem!  

While livestreaming has revolutionized how people enjoy video games, there are many, many other ways to get online and raise funds for animals. You can go live and stream yourself doing just about anything. Want to show off your best vegan recipes? Try a cooking stream that makes viewers hungry to help animals. Are you a crafter? Show off your talent by crocheting your favorite animals while raising funds for PETA. Obsessed with your animal companion? Tell your viewers why they should adopt—not shop—and send them over to us for resources.  

Raising money through Twitch is easy. If you’re already a Twitch affiliate, simply go to your creator library, select “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” as your charity of choice, and start fundraising. If you’re not a Twitch affiliate, you can create your own fundraiser and pin the link to the top of your stream’s chat. The sky’s the limit for what you can stream. Get creative and help animals in the process. 

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