Vegan Holiday Decor and Gifts? These Companies Have You Covered!

When the temperature drops and the days become shorter, a great way to make winter feel more manageable is by sprucing up your home for the holidays and giving thoughtful gifts to loved ones.

Just like humans, animals seek comfort, warmth, and togetherness, and that’s why PETA Prime loves these compassionate companies, which let us soak up all the jolly holiday vibes without denying animals what’s important to them.

Wool, down, silk, fur, leather, cashmere, and snakeskin don’t belong in stockings, under the tree, or around the house. Rest assured that our extensive list of holiday favorites below contains nothing but cruelty-free items that will make for a very cozy season.

The companies that make them will help you keep your name on the “nice list” and spread holiday cheer to animals, too, during these merry winter months!

ecc interiors for vegan interior design and e-design

Naturepedic for comfy vegan mattresses

YouthSecret for luxurious vegan silk pillowcases

Carol House Furniture for vegan furniture at the guaranteed lowest prices in the U.S., plus free shipping for PETA members within 600 miles of St. Louis

Doshi for vegan briefcases, belts, work totes, and wallets

Tearojoy for toys, art supplies, and accessories

ZolaTerra for vegan cleaning supplies

Mr. Peanut’s Pet Carriers for companion animal dishes, bowls, and beds

Because Animals Inc. for companion animal food to go in the dishes above

Fake Meats for holiday roasts

Edward & Sons Trading Company Inc. for vegan cooking ingredients, such as stocks and sauces—including vegan Worcestershire sauce—gravies, and shelf-stable fruits and veggies

https://wwEdward & Sons Trading Company

Maui Soap Company for vegan soaps for the bathroom or kitchen

Happi Hippo Plant Organics for vegan dental care

Earth Kiss for vegan skincare

Suntegrity for sun protection

And be sure to explore PETA’s catalogs for more holiday shopping!

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