Vegan Airline Survival Guide

Did you know that several leading airlines offer a variety of compassionate meal options? American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Air Canada have introduced vegan meals on select flights. For other airlines, don’t wing it! Check their websites, as they may have recently added vegan options to their menus. And consider traveling with Delta Air Lines, which was the first airline to offer vegan creamer on all its flights departing the U.S.—a move PETA pushed for, as it helps spare cows’ suffering in the dairy industry and accommodates passengers with lactose intolerance.

For an onboard snack attack, indulge in the tried-and-true airline pretzels or nuts. In most cases, these are vegan. (Be sure to check the ingredients list, though.) But if you’re craving something else, remember that you can take food onto an airplane. Perhaps pack some veggies and hummus, dried fruit, celery sticks with peanut butter, fresh fruit, vegan jerky, or protein bars. Don’t let airport delays, unexpected hunger pangs, or meal mix-ups leave you wishing you had something to munch on.

If you have a layover or a long wait at an airport, take the time to research vegan dining options. Many airports now feature restaurants and cafés that cater to vegans. And of course, many common fast-food chains have animal-free options. You can find a lot of them inside airports all over the U.S. Use the VeggL or HappyCow apps to help identify the best options.

Staying vegan while traveling is as easy as vegan pie! By planning, packing snacks, and communicating your needs, you can enjoy a delicious and compassionate dining experience while soaring through the skies. But we still have some work to do. Southwest Airlines and American Airlines could cater to the rising demand for dairy-free options for the coffee they serve. So please urge them to embrace ethical, planet-friendly vegan creamer.

Stay safe, and happy trails!