Share Your Workplace Activism and You Could Win!

Vegan living creates a kinder world for animals, helps prevent environmental devastation, and can stave off many preventable diseases and ailments—so much so that each of us would be remiss not to encourage others to shun animal-derived foods, too. From the breakroom to the boardroom, your workplace is a great space in which to spread the message of compassion for animals.


People are more likely to warm to ideas when they see them in action. So try our suggestions to save lives during your 9 to 5, and enter our contest to win some vegan cookbooks to share the secret of your vitality! Let us know your ideas for promoting vegan living at work and you’ll be entered to win.

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Here are some of our ideas to help get you started:

Tempt your coworkers with tasty dishes. Pack yummy, enticing lunches like Mediterranean nachos or a vegan Philly cheesesteak and shareable snacks. When colleagues discover how appetizing vegan food can be, they may be inspired to pack their own vegan lunch next time.

Bring vegan food to potlucks. Be sure to label your dishes as vegan and bring recipe cards to share. Whip up a crockpot full of vegan chili, or bake a batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies. When you notice a colleague trying your dish, talk about how easy it is to swap nonvegan ingredients like ground beef and dairy-based butter for better ones like meatless crumbles and vegan butter.

Offer to be in charge of breakroom snacks, and stock the area with vegan options. Dark chocolate bars, vegan jerky, name-brand chips, and dried mangos take the breakroom from tepid to tempting, showing your coworkers that eating vegan can be the refresher they didn’t know they needed.

Put vegan starter kits in the breakroom. People will almost instinctively reach for something to read while on break, and PETA’s vegan starter kit is packed with everything aspiring vegans need, including recipes, tips on eating out, and eye-opening health information.

Push for work events, happy hours, and holiday parties to be held at vegan restaurants.  Choose a spiffy spot that you know has a variety of delectable vegan dishes to be sure there’s something for everyone. You could even try ordering several different items from the menu to share.

Suggest visiting an animal sanctuary for your next office team-building event. Visiting an accredited animal sanctuary will allow your coworkers to connect with living, feeling animals they likely eat all the time and help them understand why vegan living is the right way forward. Bring a stack of vegan starter kits to distribute afterward.

Wear your heart on your sleeve (and feet). There are endless vegan options for chic office attire. Whether the dress code calls for a wool-free suit, a cozy vegan cashmere sweater, or stylish vegan leather shoes, wearing vegan shows others that compassion and fashion go hand in hand. If your office observes casual Friday, sport a PETA hoodie or T-shirt to further your message of compassion.

Strike up a conversation and share your reasons for going vegan (but don’t preach). Be supportive while others are finding their way. Remember, everyone’s journey looks a little different, and the best way to spread the message of kindness to animals is to be kind to those who aren’t there yet. With patience and care, the seeds you plant today have the potential to blossom tomorrow.

What are you doing to inspire your colleagues to go vegan? Tell us at [email protected] and you’ll be entered to win three vegan cookbooks to give to your colleagues and show them that a heaping teaspoon of love, a pinch of empathy, and a dash of compassion make for some delicious meals.

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