PETA Donor Profile: Narda Kramer Is a Champion for Animals

The generous support of our wonderful donors powers everything we do for animals, and Narda Kramer should know—she’s been contributing to our vital work for 38 years!

Narda’s compassion has led her to support a whole host of campaigns during her many years as a PETA member and a President’s Circle donor. She’s given to help PETA scientists promote the development and use of modern, animal-free testing methods, particularly ones that will end the use of horses to treat diphtheria. This champion for animals has also donated to shut down the cat and dog meat trade; supported rescuers in Romania, Ukraine, and other countries through our Global Compassion Fund; helped improve the lives of neglected “backyard dogs” through her donations to our life-changing doghouse program; and done much more.

Narda doesn’t want to have the spotlight shining on her, however. She’d rather spread the message that’s closest to her heart—promoting the adoption of rescued cats. After adopting her late rescues, Simba and Cameo, she was inspired to share how wonderful it can be to have cat companions.

“I never knew how great it was to own a kitty till I adopted Cameo and Simba. A lot of people are not aware of what it is like to own a kitty,” she shared. “I have had a lot people ask what it is like having the kitties as they have always just been around dogs. It is fulfilling and fun.”

Narda never hesitates to encourage people to seek out a cat companion from their local animal shelter, especially if they imagine that they’re simply a dog person. She has blossomed into a loving cat caregiver and knows the joy that comes along with it.

She’s also extremely generous, joining other donors in helping to fund our $75 sustainer match. From now until December 2024, your donations to PETA will be matched, thanks to her.

Black cats like Narda’s companion, Nova, are less likely to be adopted, which is why she’s so passionate about helping these beautiful but vulnerable animals.

When Narda isn’t promoting cat adoptions or donating to the PETA missions closest to her heart, she loves to watch the ducks and other wildlife on Lake Michigan, near which she lives with her feline companion, Nova. She even witnessed the rare visit of flamingos last year! She’s also a terrific chef, with a special talent for making vegan soups.

Thank you, Narda, for four decades of tireless support!