Compassionate Executive Profile: Mayer Vafi of Noize

Mayer Vafi—the managing director of vegan clothing company Noize—recently offered us his thoughtful insights on the cruelty-free fashion revolution and being a PETA Business Friend.

Here’s what we found out:

Why do you think it’s important to provide people with fashionable, fully vegan jackets and outerwear?

We know that we can provide warmth and functionality without harming animals or the planet. Better business practices need to be implemented, as we cannot exploit finite resources. I recommend that anyone who still wears fur or leather take a look at what happens on fur farms. I assure you, your mind will change for good.

How have consumers embraced your cruelty-free fashion lines?

With open arms! Consumers are educated. We live in the age of transparency. The new generation is aware, conscious, and making better decisions.

Which upcoming products are you most looking forward to sharing with others?

Our swimwear is incredible! All items are made of post-consumer waste and recycled nylon and shipped in a biodegradable bag.

What do you think will be the most exciting vegan fashion trend this year?

For spring and summer, it’s vegan leather everything! This fall and winter, it’s colored faux fur, and we have a bunch of it coming!

What inspired you to join the Noize team?

We share common values. I’ve built my career around trust, transparency, creativity, change, and achievementand I know these values exist here at Noize.

How do you share your compassion for animals with those who aren’t as animal-friendly?

I share PETA’s Instagram page, show videos of fur farms, and share YouTube videos revealing the suffering that kind, peaceful animals endure.

Any advice for someone wanting to start a vegan business?

Just jump in! Both feet. Build the rocket ship while it’s in flight! It’s never too late, and it’s never going to be perfect.