Meet This Year’s Most Beautiful Vegan Over 50!

This year’s Most Beautiful Vegan Over 50 Contest has shown yet again that many in the PETA Prime community exude inner and outer beauty and have stories that inspire us to do more for animals. This year, one very special vegan stole voters’ hearts with his enthusiasm and dedication to animal rights: Bülent Güneralp!

Bülent stopped eating meat in 1997 out of concern for animals—then, nine years ago, he read vegan triathlete Brendan Brazier’s The Thrive Diet, and as he tells PETA, “I confidently and joyfully became a vegan.”

He is an opera singer, a voice coach, and a functional bodyweight trainer who shares with his vocal students the way vegan eating fuels his performance, both as a singer and as an athlete. When they learn that Bülent’s physique comes from healthy vegan eating and functional bodyweight training (not by lifting weights or hitting the gym), many of them go vegan, too. “It’s such a joy to see their shining faces, increased energy, happiness, [and] optimized vocal performance,” he tells PETA.

He also posts videos of local wildlife to his website, calling them “friends in residence,” and uses his online presence and social media platforms to raise awareness of vegan living, animal rights, and health issues. He values spirituality, caring, awareness of the “one in all,” and treating everyone with love and respect. His motto is “Love All. Serve All. Help Ever. Hurt Never.”

Only Bülent’s plant-powered biceps rival the size of his heart. PETA Prime is honored to crown him this year’s Most Beautiful Vegan Over 50.


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