Over 50? Looking for a Great Job? Think PETA!

Be honest. What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think of PETA? If it’s scantily clad young people protesting animal abuse along a busy city thoroughfare, you’re not alone. We do a lot of that—unashamedly. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg compared to the full array of PETA’s and the PETA Foundation’s activities and inner goings-on.

If you’ve got what it takes to be part of the highest-powered, smartest, most effective voice for animal rights in the world—whether you’re 28 or 68—PETA wants you!

Between PETA and the PETA Foundation, we employ administrators, clerical staff, accountants, consultants, database managers, attorneys, people with backgrounds in biology, protest organizers, writers, and the list goes on. The best part is that they’re all doing what they’re good at to further the cause closest to their heart—and they’re getting paid for it.

It might interest you to know that Ingrid E. Newkirk—the president and co-founder of PETA and the woman who brought animal rights to the worldwide center stage—first became active for animals in 1970 (and she wasn’t a child, so you do the math). And for what it’s worth, this writer zoomed right past “retirement age” without giving it a second thought.

David Mintz is the CEO of Tofutti Brands, Inc., makers of dairy-free frozen desserts, cheeses, and other popular vegan products. His statement in a recent article about the many advantages of hiring older workers perhaps said it best: “There’s no experience like experience.” With about one-third of the company’s workforce made up of people over 50, Mintz is backing up his words. Employers of workers over 50—including PETA and the PETA Foundation—cite such qualities as loyalty, dependability, and knowledge as well as their ability to relate better to their peers in other companies.

We all shudder at the abuse of animals in circuses, the skins industry,  and laboratories and on factory farms.  If you’re interested in putting your skills, experience, and passion for justice to work with the organization whose very mission is to expose these abuses and stop them dead in their tracks, PETA’s your ticket.

To get the ball rolling, just visit PETA’s employment page and check out the current job listings. Who knows? The next time that someone asks you what you think of animal rights, you might be able to tell them, “Well, I work for PETA.” We promise that they’ll get the point.