Get Inspired to Do More For Animals with ‘PETA Global’ Magazine

It’s that time of year again when the leaves change colors, the air is crisp and all we seem to want are vegan pumpkin spice lattes and wool-free sweaters. Lean into the season by cozying up with your favorite blanket and the latest edition of PETA Global, PETA’s online magazine!

PETA has been working to end experiments on animals since our very beginning. Whether it’s going up against academic institutions, the military or the government, PETA doesn’t back down when animals are suffering. In this issue, learn about PETA’s recent investigation of the University of Pittsburgh – which tortures, maims and kills animals with taxpayers’ money – and other cruelty that would have remained hidden behind laboratory doors if not for PETA exposés.



With Thanksgiving just around the corner, read up on how PETA teamed up with police officers in Texas to give away Tofurkys, what vegan dishes to cook this Fall and how to stay warm without harming animals. Find inspiration to get involved with PETA Global’s exclusive interview with Oscar-nominated actor and fierce animal rights advocate James Cromwell who has stood up to universities that test on animals and SeaWorld, to name a few.

PETA Global’s latest online issue is interactive information at its best. From giving the cosmetics industry an animal-friendly makeover to Iggy Pop’s animated PETA video where he prevents cruelty to animals set to Nick Cave’s music, you are destined to be encouraged and entertained. Don’t forget to check out PETA’s catalogue for Christmas shopping ideas and to turn on your device’s sound so you can hear the magazine pages turn and watch videos!

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