Enter PETA’s ‘Vegan Eats and Treats’ Contest to Win Vegan Food Delivery

You know the facts: Vegans save nearly 200 animals every year, have a reduced risk of developing many serious diseases, and don’t contribute to the catastrophic levels of water pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions that the production of meat, egg, and dairy “products” is responsible for.

But sometimes it takes more than facts and powerful images to inspire someone to eat compassionately—it takes a great cruelty-free meal.

That’s why PETA is launching the Vegan Eats and Treats contest!

Our contest winner will receive veestro’s Starter Pack of 10 delicious, handcrafted vegan meals delivered to his or her door once a month for six months. To enter, just send a photo of a vegan meal you made or bought and shared with others to inspire them to eat vegan food, along with a description of what you served, where you served it, and how people reacted (in 50 words or less) to [email protected] by August 31.

Food  brings people together and has the power to change minds, so you’ll become a vegan influencer by cooking and sharing it with friends. Appeal to those with a sweet tooth by taking vegan desserts to gatherings and events, or take a bevy of Beyond Burgers to help wow your neighbors at your next block party. You could inspire people by making vegan dishes for your next dinner party to help demystify vegan cooking, or host your own vegan birthday buffet so that everyone in your life can experience how delicious vegan food can be. The possibilities are endless.

PETA’s ‘Vegan Eats and Treats’ Contest Rules

This contest is open to U.S. residents only. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. PETA will choose the entrant who submits the most inspiring photo and story as the winner of the contest. PETA’s decision is final. Contact details and other information that you provide may be shared with PETA entities and other third parties. By submitting your entry, you acknowledge that you have read and you agree to PETA’s contest terms and conditions at PETA.org/Terms and privacy policy at PETA.org/Privacy.