Egg-Truth Is the Asset Activists Have Been Waiting For

Picture in your mind a lush, green farm where hens live among other happy animals and are free to roam and explore the fields while they forage for food. This is what average consumers envision when they imagine where their eggs came from—but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The harsh reality consists of mutilation, macerators, battery cages, disease, injury, and a life cut short.

As a vegan of 12 years, Nigel Osborne, the executive director of Egg-Truth, knew that it was his responsibility to help animals in any way he could. He chose the issue of eggs because he believes that egg-laying hens are among the most abused beings in animal agriculture. He created Egg-Truth to destroy the myth of the farm where hens have long, happy lives and to reveal the true nature of global egg production and consumption as well as its impact on animals, human health, and the environment.

The website is an informative resource for anyone who might be on the fence about ditching eggs. PETA’s Sanderson Farms investigation is included in an archive of over 30 eyewitness investigations featured on Egg-Truth from animal rights groups all over the world. The site also provides a history of the relationship between humans and hens, a look at the life of a hen in industrialized egg production, and suggested egg alternatives, and it will soon feature a section on the nutritional benefits of egg-free eating as well as the negative effects of the egg industry on the environment.

Egg-Truth will also have contributions from writers with a variety of backgrounds. You can expect to read articles from chefs offering up egg-free recipes, investigators anonymously sharing their eyewitness experiences, and guest writers providing their perspective on related animal rights issues.

Even if you’ve already made the choice to leave eggs off your plate, this site will be a great asset for anyone looking to take action against the cruel industrialized egg industry. Egg-Truth will offer creative downloads that you can use to share social media images and high-resolution print-ready signs for protests and outdoor advertising.

Take a look at the website, Facebook page, and Twitter account today, and arm yourself with the Egg-Truth!