5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. Are your tax dollars funding an experimenter’s lies? The former dean and a current professor of Weill Cornell Medicine may have fabricated data from experiments on animals, putting everyone in harm’s way.
  2. Despite the recent acquittal of a Cambodian official, evidence presented in court paints a damning picture of the black market monkey-trafficking trade.
  3. Catch this TV interview with PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo, who discusses The Failed Experiment, a must-see docuseries now streaming on YouTube.
  4. PETA supporters held a silent “die-in” at VCA Desert Animal Hospital in Palm Springs, California, to urge the company—which used blood from The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank, where animals are bled and caged until death—to implement a policy against obtaining blood from animals held captive at blood banks.
  5. A pig kidney was recently transplanted into a human patient, but this surgery isn’t good news for animals—and it’s nothing that people desperately waiting for organ transplants should celebrate.