5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. Our landmark new docuseries, The Failed Experiment, is now free to stream on YouTube! Watch and share this powerful look into the dark history of cruel and useless experiments on animals.
  2. What do candy and the bleeding of animals have in common? PETA is urging Mars Inc.—which owns BluePearl Pet Hospital and VCA Animal Hospitals, reportedly two of the remaining customers of The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank—to stop obtaining blood from trapped animals.
  3. PETA details the case against the Cambodian official facing U.S. charges of monkey smuggling following a five-year investigation into the alleged laundering of macaques for sale to laboratories.
  4. We released a new video urging Oregon Health & Science University to ban the use of live animals in its OB/GYN physician residency training program.
  5. Experimenting on animals wastes trillions of dollars and fails humans and other animals. PETA takes a look at some of the most absurd experiments ever conducted.