5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. PETA has found even more reasons for you to ask your legislators to stem the flow of taxpayer dollars squandered by the National Institutes of Health on pointless experiments on animals in foreign countries.
  2. Empathy over experimentation! PETA is encouraging the public to cut “lab rat” and other speciesist language from its vernacular.
  3. In Georgia, a new lawsuit is challenging the approval of a plan to build the largest monkey-breeding facility in the U.S. in violation of the state’s Open Meetings Act.
  4. PETA is calling on federal authorities to investigate whistleblower reports that Bluebird Nordic apparently failed to provide hundreds of monkeys with veterinary care during a 40-hour, five-layover flight from Vietnam.
  5. Our virtual reality experience, “Without Consent,” arrived in Nashville this week to expose the history of cruel and archaic experiments on animals.