5 Ways PETA is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. The only thing the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) did after Labcorp staff snapped monkeys’ bones was issue a small fine, providing more evidence as to why companies need to modernize their laboratories and stop using animals for their cruel and worthless experiments—and why PETA is working to compel the USDA to do its job properly.  
  2. Learn about the nightmarish sleep tests on marmosets green-lighted by University of Wisconsin–Madison officials—and how these experiments are connected to a University of Massachusetts–Amherst animal tormentor.
  3. See the PETA “monkey” who crashed the Neuroscience 2023 conference!
  4. A PETA supporter who was dressed up as a surgically mutilated mouse recently urged the largest supplier of monosodium glutamate to stop its archaic tests on animals.
  5. PETA’s Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel urged Texas county commissioners to halt a secretive plan by Charles River Laboratories to build a massive monkey-importation and -breeding warehouse on more than 500 ecologically sensitive acres.