5 Ways PETA is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. Progress! Charles River Laboratories’ global use of monkeys has plummeted a whopping 25% since 2022. The pharmaceutical company is feeling the heat from us.
  2. PETA donated two TraumaMan human-patient simulators to Albania’s Advanced Trauma Life Support program, thereby ending its mutilation and killing of animals.
  3. After an Altasciences staffer tossed a sedated endangered long-tailed macaque into the air and failed to catch him —leaving the animal with several injuries—we’re calling for a criminal investigation into the incident.
  4. In a stunning betrayal of science, the American Psychological Association released a new article claiming that testing on animals is the only way to further mental-health treatments for humans. Here’s why the association is wrong.
  5. A PETA exposé: Take a look inside the National Institutes of Health’s most recent “Animal Celebration and Reflection Ceremony,” during which the agency celebrated the animals it killed in crude and cruel tests.