5 Ways PETA is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. Check out the new ad blitz that’s calling out Canadian officials for enabling the deadly monkey-importation trade from Cambodia.
  2. PETA is demanding a police inquiry into the death of a monkey who was left unattended in a hot van at the University of California–Davis.
  3. See how PETA U.K. and its supporters are keeping the pressure on the University of Bristol for its horrifying forced swim tests on rats.
  4. The Netflix hit Painkiller tells the story of the human impact of OxyContin, but the victims of the drug weren’t only humans. See what happened to beagles in laboratories who were also forced to become addicted to the drug.
  5. PETA supporters again challenged the Oregon Health & Science University’s board to end the school’s invasive obstetrics and gynecology medical training on live pigs.