10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

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Here are 10 easy steps that you can take to help animals right now:

  1. PETA Asia’s brand-new investigation exposes the suffering of elephants who were beaten and gouged with bullhooks before a “charity” elephant polo event in Thailand. Please share the video footage, and call on the event’s sponsors to end their support.
  2. Are you a teacher, mentor, or parent? Discover why humane education is so vital for young people.
  3. Demand that the president of Duke University investigate cruel experiments in which monkeys were deprived of sufficient water.
  4. March 20 is the first day of spring! Learn why spring is the saddest season for animals in shelters, and find out how you can help them.
  5. Still not into #VeganMealPrep? Maybe these gorgeous Instagram photos will change your mind.
  6. Eyewitness photos show sick and injured minks amid piles of waste and filth on Canadian fur farms. Tell your friends and family about PETA’s new exposé—and urge them never to buy items made with real fur.
  7. Want a real fitness challenge this spring? Consider training for an Ironman triathlon—and don’t forget to wear a shirt or sign that tells the world you’re powered by plants.
  8. If you’re getting a new tattoo—perhaps one that reflects your love for animals—make sure that your artist knows about these wonderful vegan inks.
  9. Start your own local animal rights group, and teach other members how to leaflet effectively.
  10. Have you tried the Beyond Burger yet? Grab it now at Target and Kroger—or try some of our other favorite all-vegan burgers.