9 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

Have you done any of these everyday actions to speak out for animals? Let us know! When you complete an action listed here, tell us about it on our Facebook page!

1. PETA’s rescue team is helping animals in flood-stricken parts of Texas. Support this critically important work by making an urgently needed gift to PETA’s Animal Emergency Fund.

2. A former Garden Bros. Circus employee contacted PETA to expose years of abuse and neglect that he observed while working for the infamous outfit. Read about what the whistleblower told us, and urge Garden Bros. to eliminate its animal acts.

3. Pier 1 Imports already sells mostly down alternatives. Encourage the company to go completely down-free.

4. With school back in session, it’s a great time to tell any educators you know about TeachKind’s free Share the World curriculum kit filled with invaluable lessons that help develop students’ empathy, kindness, and compassion.

5. Make your own animal-rescue kit (or buy a premade kit) to keep in your car in order to ensure that you’re ready to help an animal during an emergency.

6. If your local hardware store is still selling glue traps, tell the manager how vile these traps are and ask him or her to stop selling them immediately.

7. NFL football is back this week. Share this blog post about the growing list of players who are improving their game with vegan meals.

8. Thursday, September 7, is National Beer Lover’s Day. Celebrate with one of the many vegan beers!

9. Enter Beyond Meat’s contest to win a free year’s supply of Beyond Burgers. If you’re the lucky winner, be sure to share the “bleeding” veggie burgers with your not-yet-vegan friends.

PETA’s rescue team- Hurricane Harvey