10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

Have you taken any of these actions to speak up for animals? If so, we want to hear about it! When you do any of the things listed here, tell us about it on our Facebook page.

Here are 10 easy things that you can do right now to help animals

  1. Please sign this petition asking Domino’s to offer vegan cheese and mock-meat toppings for the millions of conscientious, hungry pizza fans out there.
  2. One of the most vile items used to kill animals today is the glue trap. Watch this emotional rescue of a mouse who was stuck on one, and learn what to do if you come across a similar situation.
  3. Waiting at the airport? Why not use one of our prewritten tweets to let these airlines know that they should offer vegan options in flight?
  4. Shutterstock is helping nonhuman primates by banning unnatural images of apes and monkeys on its site. Keep the pressure on both Hallmark and American Greetings to follow suit with their cards.
  5. Take a guess at some of our 18 top predictions for next year’s vegan food trends.
  6. Add one of PETA’s Facebook frames to your profile picture for an easy and fun way to encourage others to be a friend to animals.
  7. Join PETA U.K. in urging the Thomas Cook Group—an international travel company—to end all direct and indirect sales of tickets to the abusement park SeaWorld.
  8. Contact all stores in your area that sell Canada Goose items and ask them to reconsider that partnership.
  9. Still don’t have PETA’s free iPhone app? Download it and take action for animals with the swipe of a finger.
  10. Read and share this great story showing how one PETA staffer went from being the poster child of McDonald’s to a vegan animal rights activist.