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Bob Barker to Congress: Stop Baby-Monkey Experiments

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As Congress deliberates the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) budget bill for next year, every member will soon receive a video message from Bob Barker. In a new video for PETA, the television icon calls for an end to NIH’s hugely expensive, much-criticized, insupportable and deeply cruel   maternal-deprivation experiments on infant monkeys .

“At this government facility in Maryland, hundreds of …

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Cow’s Milk is Bad Moos’ for Moms

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Let’s just clear this up: No one needs to drink cow’s milk. Ever. It’s a calorie-rich, nutrient-poor beverage that’s been linked to numerous illnesses, and consuming it hurts both human and bovine mothers.

So what about all the health claims for milk that we’ve been hearing ever since we could walk? The story of milk seems to …

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Have You Seen ‘The Magazine That Speaks Up for Animals’?

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AT 1-15 Cover

One of the many benefits of being a PETA member is getting PETA’s Animal Times magazine in the mail. Members should have the new issue now, which is chock full of animal rights information and compelling photos, including news from PETA’s international affiliates, celebrity updates, animal rescues, investigation coverage, delicious recipes, and much more. We hope this …

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Helping Your ‘Nest’ Friends

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It’s springtime, and since our yard is very animal-friendly , we have many critters who come back year after year and some who never leave, staying to raise their new families.

Every spring, two birds nest in our climbing rose bush in front of the house. However, we cut the rose bush back this winter, so my husband, David, …

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Follow ‘VeganShopper’ for Deals and Steals

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Attention, bargain shoppers! There’s a twitterific deal-finder available online specializing in everything vegan and cruelty-free. Giving you the heads up to exciting contests and special offers,  @VeganShopper is where you’ll find the latest compassionate deals and steals.

They do the legwork, and all you have to do is click “Follow” and wait for the tweets to roll in …

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PETA Prime Exclusive Interview: Authors and Animal Defenders Bruce and Tami Zeman

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We asked PETA Augustus Club members Bruce and Tami Zeman, who authored the children’s book Hobbes Goes Home, about their work for animals and children and much more.

Please tell us a little about Hobbes and how he became a member of your family.

At the time (November 2009), we had just relocated to Vermont. We were …

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Help Us End Companion-Animal Homelessness!

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The companion-animal overpopulation crisis leads to neglect, abuse, homelessness, suffering, and death for millions of cats, dogs, and other animals each year.

PETA’s mobile clinics are working to stem that crisis by providing free or low-cost spay/neuter surgeries in low-income and underserved communities—helping more than 113,000 animals (as well as preventing 1.5 million unwanted births) since 2001. Your …

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