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Why I’m Boiling Mad About This Summertime Ritual

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Lobsters languishing in the tank of the claw machine. The lobsters were surrendered to CAP from a Virginia Beach restaurant, where they were part of a claw machine game in which customers paid $3 to try to catch a lobster. The lobsters were liberated back into the ocean.

When did boiling animals alive become an acceptable summer pastime? I’m referring, of course, to the gruesome but widespread practice of dropping live lobsters and crabs into pots of scalding water, ignoring their frantic attempts to escape and calling it dinner. Kind people who would never dream of doing such a thing to any other type of animal …

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PETA Is Turning 35! Join the Celebration of 35 Years of Victories for Animals

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Over the past 35 years, PETA has grown from two people in a spare room to the most powerful force for animal rights in the world—and it’s all because of the dedication of our members and supporters. As we toast decades of hard-hitting campaigns, headline-grabbing antics, and groundbreaking victories, longtime PETA and PETA Foundation staffers are looking back …

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A Mother’s Love for Her Son Saves Animals’ Lives

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It’s said that losing a child is the hardest thing that a parent can go through. When Gerda Chason lost her son Clifford, she felt like she “wanted to die too.” But through her grieving, Gerda discovered how she could ensure that her son’s legacy would live on.

Gerda and Clifford were close and had bonded over their …

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Patagonia’s ‘Sustainable Wool’ Supplier Exposed

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Eyewitness video shows workers plunging knives into the throats of conscious lambs and starting to skin them while they’re alive and moving.

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PETA Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

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On August 21, PETA will celebrate its 35th birthday. Through the years, PETA has exposed animal abuse in numerous circuses, laboratories, and slaughterhouses and on fur farms; shut down abusive facilities; cleaned up substandard animal shelters; helped schools find alternatives to dissection; and provided millions of people with information on vegan living, companion animal care, and many other …

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The Fortunes of This Caged Bird Changed, Thanks to Animal Rahat

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2015-05.rescued parrot (1)

From parrots to pigeons, Animal Rahat  recently rescued several birds who were desperately in need of help.

The rescues included the parrot shown here, who had been kept in this tiny cage by a fortune teller, even though caging birds for commercial purposes is a punishable offense. The unfortunate bird is one of thousands throughout India who are …

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Show This to People Who Buy ‘Free-Range,’ ‘Organic,’ or ‘Humane’ Meat

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ultimate betrayal

You’re probably growing just as weary as I am of hearing people talk about buying “free-range eggs” and “organic meat” and claiming that they’re helping animals. It’s not their fault. As more people become aware of how animals suffer on farms and in slaughterhouses and demand change, meat and dairy companies are putting reassuring “humane” labels on their …

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