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PETA Prime Book Club: ‘Fix Your Mood With Food’

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What if every time we ate, we had “the opportunity to improve our quality of life”? According to Heather Lounsbury , author of Fix Your Mood With Food, we do!

Lounsbury, a Los Angeles–based acupuncturist, combines her extensive knowledge of Western nutrition, holistic health, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to illustrate how the foods we consume can impact not only …

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Hold a Yard Sale for Animals

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Spring cleaning isn’t always the most pleasant task, but it’s worth it for the feeling of a sparkling, uncluttered house when it’s all over. Now, you can feel even better about this annual chore. Just gather up that jewelry that you haven’t worn in a decade, clothes that are like new but just don’t say “you” anymore, electronic …

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The Story of Ag-Gag, Presented by Compassionate Kids

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Across the country, lawmakers are considering “ag-gag” bills , which, if passed, could subject whistleblowers and undercover investigators to criminal prosecution for their efforts to expose animal abuse on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. By making it a crime to film on factory farms or requiring that evidence of cruelty to animals be turned over almost immediately, these bills could …

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Venice: Enjoying Italy Cruelty-Free

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martin 1

PETA Germany member and guest author Martin Schempp writes about his love for this unique island city.

Whether you should visit Venice at least once a year is a good question. To me, there’s no debate, because I am in love with Venice—in love with its grand Renaissance palaces, its quiet avenues and canals, its idyllic parks, …

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Real Men Are Vegan!

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real men

When I met my husband, David, he was a vegetarian. I was not. I was eating all kinds of animal products. I credit him, along with PETA, with having had the biggest impact on my decision to go vegan. (David actually went vegan first.) Once I went vegan, I started meeting all kinds of other people who followed …

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My Life as a Doghouse Delivery Man

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Big Boy Before

This winter has been severe, bringing lots of snow and freezing temperatures to most of the central and eastern United States. What you probably will not hear about on the news, however, is the terrible plight of those animals who are forced to live outdoors —a great number of them dogs kept in tiny pens or chained to trees or stakes in the ground with …

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Fusion Presents “Rebel With a Cause: The Sam Simon Story”

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Rebel With a Cause: The Sam Simon Story is a beautiful telling of how Sam Simon ’s writing and producing talent earned him multiple awards and millions of dollars and how his compassion led him to donate a large share of his fortune to animals.

Watch Rebel With a Cause: The Sam Simon Story here.

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