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The Betty Crocker Project: Garlic Cheesy Biscuits

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After watching the movie Julie & Julia, we were intrigued by the idea of an amateur chef cooking her way through a classic cookbook and blogging about it along the way. However, we were horrified by an important scene in the movie in which the lead character “overcomes her fear” of boiling a live lobster and dooms the poor guy to being cooked alive. We decided that there needed to be a humane alternative to the lobster killer—and the Betty Crocker Project was born.

We’re currently cooking our way through the classic Betty Crocker Cookbook, making every single one of the more than 1,000 recipes vegan along the way. We’ve always said that we can make anything vegan—and now we’re out to prove it. You can follow along for yourself at meettheshannons.net and also get a taste here at PETA Prime, where we will occasionally cross-post our recipes. The following is one:

Garlic Cheesy Biscuits


I made these Saturday morning, thinking we could eat them all weekend… but they never saw another sunrise. Yes, we ate the whole batch in one day, and not because we didn’t have any other food. Since we started this project, our pantry and fridge have never looked so healthy and big boned. We ate them because Betty’s claim that these biscuits are so good they’re served in restaurants is not an exaggeration.

2 Cups Original Bisquick Mix
2/3 Cup Soy Milk
2 Tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast
1/2 Cup of Daiya Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
1/4 Cup of Olive Oil
1/4 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/4 Teaspoon Garlic (minced)
1/4 Teaspoon Dill
1/4 Teaspoon Thyme
1/4 Teaspoon Rosemary (dried and crushed)

Heat over to 450°. In a bowl, mix Bisquick Mix, Soy Milk and Nutritional Yeast with a hand held mixer until completely mixed. Stir in Daiya Cheese with a spoon.

On an ungreased cookie sheet, drop spoon-sized clumps. They won’t be pretty, but it’s important that they don’t get too thick or they won’t bake all the way through.

Bake for around 8-10 minutes. Keep an eye on them. They bake FAST. Pull out once they’re golden.

In a bowl, mix Olive Oil, Garlic Powder, Minced Garlic, Dill, Rosemary and Thyme. Once you pull out the biscuits, brush with the herbed Olive Oil.

Once they’ve cooled, eat them.

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  • LeeAnn says:

    Ohh, these were yummy and so easy! I highly recommend them… and as Carrie mentioned, you can adjust the spices to your family’s preferences. Keep recipes like this coming…….Please!

  • Paul says:

    It has been well over 10 years since I was at a Red Lobster, but these biscuits are the same as far as I can tell. I agree that a bit of garlic and vegan butter or oil added to the mix is a good idea and the Daiya cheese is what has finally turned the tide. It is getting to be so easy to eat a vegan diet! The biscuits were the best thing about Red Lobster and now I have them at home. And for anyone that has not made them, or used Bisquick, it is so so damned easy!

  • Carrie says:

    OMG… My kitchen smells like Red Lobster! These are very close to the real thing. I would only change a couple things next time. I remember cheddar bay biscuits being buttery and garlicy throughout, not just on the top of the biscuits. So next time I will add a bit of garlic powder directly to the mix and cut some earth balance margarine into the dry mix before adding the soy milk (this is the same method I use to make regular biscuits as well). I would also skip the rosemary, out of personal preference as I find it overpowing. But regardless, these are absolutely YUM! Go make them!

  • Daiya Foods says:

    What a great idea! We love this recipe, can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Denise says:

    I’ve been making these for quite a while and love them. I, however, made the mistake of mixing all the ingredients together the first time I made them and still loved them so I’ve made them that way ever since. Maybe someday I’ll make them properly and see if they taste any different.

  • colleen says:

    I haven’t been to a Red Lobster in years, but I remember their awesome biscuits. Thanks for the recipe – can’t wait to try it!

  • Zenna says:

    Thanks. yes, I hate Red Lobster but back when I ate meat I remember going there and enjoying the biscuits.

  • Paul says:

    Hey Zeena,

    Personally, it’s been decades since I’ve set foot in a Red Lobster, but judging from my own results and that “these biscuits are so good they’re served in restaurants,” I’d think it may be a safe bet!

  • Zenna says:

    Do they taste like the biscuits at Red Lobster?

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