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PETA’s Top Victories of 2010

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Hugs was one of the roughly 250 animals who were surrendered by PLRS.

2010 was an outstanding year for PETA. In addition to celebrating 30 years of fighting to end the suffering of animals, PETA scored a number of remarkable victories. Here are a few of them:

1. Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS): PLRS surrendered nearly 200 dogs and more than 50 cats and shut its doors just one week after PETA released the results of its shocking undercover investigation of the laboratory and filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

2. Nike: After PETA sent Nike undercover footage detailing the gruesome suffering that the exotic-skins industry inflicts on animals, the world’s leading shoe manufacturer and its upscale affiliate Cole Haan stopped selling the skins of alligators, snakes, and other animals.

3. NASA: And who can forget the early holiday gift that PETA and our supporters received when NASA called off plans to conduct cruel radiation experiments on monkeys earlier this month?

4. Utah Pound Seizure: Prompted by PETA’s shocking undercover investigation inside laboratories at the University of Utah, the state amended its archaic “pound seizure” law so that government-run animal shelters would no longer be forced to sell dogs and cats to laboratories for use in cruel and deadly experiments. PETA’s investigation and the new law also prompted the shelter that had been selling the most animals to the university to end the shameful practice.

5. U.S. Global Exotics (USGE): After reviewing evidence gathered during PETA’s seven-month undercover investigation of this PETCO and PetSmart supplier, Arlington (Texas) Municipal Judge Michael Smith awarded custody of the 26,000 animals rescued from the warehouse to the city of Arlington. USGE closed, the company’s empty facility went up for sale, and a federal arrest warrant was issued for USGE owner Jasen Shaw, who is under investigation for smuggling, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting and is believed to be hiding in New Zealand.

6. ITO EN, Ltd.: After more than two years of private discussions with PETA, Japan’s ITO EN, Ltd.-the world’s largest green-tea manufacturer, with more than $3 billion in annual global sales-instituted a new policy against conducting animal tests.

7. Lufthansa: Less than a day after PETA released photos of more than 50 beagles who were transported on a Lufthansa cargo plane from the U.S. to an animal testing facility in Scotland, Lufthansa announced a new policy prohibiting the transport of dogs and cats to laboratories.

While this year was marked by some great achievements, we still need your help to make 2011 an even better year for animals. Will you support our lifesaving efforts to stop animal suffering and abuse in the new year and beyond?

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  • Carol says:

    Congratulations on all of your incredible victories for 2010. I have much respect and admiration for those individuals in your organization who have the courage, stomach, and self control to go undercover to get the documentation required to convince these companies to change their attitudes about animals. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Roman says:

    Thank you for your work!
    Happy New Year!
    Have a Good, Happy, Healthy, Safe and Peacefull New Year!


  • nancy says:

    I just want to say I appreciate all compassionate people no matter which philosophy drives your commitment to help animals.

  • Jill says:

    God has nothing to do with keeping animals safe, it’s in every person’s heart to treat each living thing with respect they deserve. If you think differently that’s sad on your part.

  • nancy says:

    I can’t imagine what this world would have come to if an organization like PETA didn’t come along to make the concept of “animal rights” known to the mainstream by becoming so effective and well-known. Previously most people only knew about animal welfare. Of course, the work to be done is immense so more to come from PETA in the new year. Please everyone support the campaigns by writing letters, making calls and don’t forget to donate if you can. Thank you PETA!

  • Patty Bowers says:

    There is NO o0rg. in the world like PETA. THANK YOU and BLESS you for what you do. We all need to be more involved and fight for what is right for those who can’t fight for themselves. And please readers, think about inc. PETA in your Wills and Revocable Living Trusts! They will carry on their amazing and effective work for us after we are gone.

  • Carolyn Tibbs says:

    Praise to all who help helpless animals, god did not want us to abuse and hurt or neglect helpless creatures human or animal . I will always continue to support. shame on towns who will not contribute to animal control but to other less important ones.

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