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Mother and Baby Orca Die at SeaWorld

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Mother and Baby Orca Die at SeaWorld by Guest BloggerWild animals are dying because of human avarice, but unlike the plight of those who are perishing in oil, the carnage at SeaWorld can easily be stopped. An orca named Taima died this weekend while giving birth to a stillborn calf at SeaWorld Orlando. The baby was conceived by Tilikum, the angry and frustrated orca who battered a trainer to death earlier this year—the third time he has killed a human.

For Taima, death was terrifying and painful, but it was a release from a miserable life of deprivation. In nature, orcas choose their own mates, and the families stay together for life. Ripped from her ocean home, Taima’s own mother, Gudrun, died in captivity after a complicated delivery in which chains were used to extract her stillborn calf. Gudrun was called mentally ill and was known to be violent. Both mother orcas and their calves met their end alone in a tank full of chemically-treated water that must have felt like a bathtub to these animals, who were meant to explore the endless fathoms of the sea.

SeaWorld is a greedy outfit that spends millions of dollars on cruel breeding programs and marketing promotions. It values profit over safety and treats orcas as if they were wind-up toys. Like BP, SeaWorld can never make up for the harm that it has done. It should immediately fund the creation of a coastal sanctuary into which the orcas can start their journey back home. It can start with Tilikum.

Please, contact Blackstone Group and insist that it stop the horrors associated with keeping animals in captivity and put its money toward more humane endeavors.

This post by Jennifer O’Connor was originally published on The PETA Files.

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  • Holland says:

    Everyone please send an email to Blacksotne/SeaWorld via the link in the story. I personalized mine to say this:

    “Shame on SeaWorld for causing a continuing stream of animal deaths. Now Taima the Orca has died giving birth to her stillborn calf at SeaWorld.

    Taima should not have been bred in captivity. She should not have been in captivity in the first place.

    I’ll continue to persuade my circle of friends and acquaintances that a visit to SeaWorld buys a ticket to animal death.

    SeaWorld should change its model to one of an educational and humane sanctuary for sea life that truly needs care, and provide entertainment through strictly non-animal technologies.”

  • Kuben Naidoo says:

    Saddened by the death of the orca whilst giving birth. I am against any animal being kept in captivate. Hope they are in a better place.

    Kuben Naidoo
    Durban, South Africa

  • Sherif Hamdy says:

    Hi Morgaine,

    You can sign a petition here:


    Thank you for speaking out for the animals!

  • Morgaine Wakelin says:

    is there some form of petition or protest that could be mounted against seaworld? Petitions have worked well in other cases.

  • Claudia says:

    truly sad when animals die a the hands of man…

  • Kathleen Volling says:

    These intelligent mammals should not be confined and treated so cruelly for our “enjoyment”.

  • Cherry says:

    These places need to be closed down. As with circuses and any that display performing animals, the animals should be returned to their natural enviorment.

    Incredible…..Seaworld diagnosed mental illness????? Who wouldn’t be in such a place?


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