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Authorities Are on the Scene at PETCO and PetSmart Supplier

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Authorities Are on the Scene at PETCO and PetSmart Supplier by Alisa MullinsIt’s déjà vu all over again, and it’ll probably have you wondering: What is PETCO thinking? Other than, “Hey, we can make some money!”

A PETA undercover investigator worked for more than three months at Sun Pet Ltd., an animal dealer in Atlanta that sells hamsters, mice, gerbils, birds, fish, and other small animals directly to PetSmart, PETCO, Pet Supplies “Plus,” Petland, and Walmart. He documented that animals were cruelly killed, abusively handled, and kept in severely crowded, filthy conditions. Surprised?

PETA’s investigator witnessed numerous abuses. A worker put hamsters in a plastic bag and bashed them against a table in an attempt to kill them. He also reported that many sick and injured animals died after PETCO and PetSmart stores returned them like damaged goods to Sun Pet without enclosing any food or water for the long journey, instead of providing them with veterinary care or ending their suffering.

Click here for photos.

PETA turned over the investigator’s findings to law-enforcement authorities. This morning, officials descended on Sun Pet’s massive warehouse.

Sun Pet sells hundreds of thousands of animals annually, just like U.S. Global Exotics (USGE), the exotic-animal dealer that PETA investigated late last year. That investigation resulted in the seizure of more than 26,000 animals, the largest animal seizure in history. (Perhaps also not surprisingly, Sun Pet has ties to USGE. Before that hellhole was raided and shut down, Sun Pet purchased hamsters from USGE and then sold them to PETCO stores, among others!)

This is PETA’s fourth exposé revealing the abusive and filthy conditions endured by animals who are eventually sold at PETCO stores and our third exposé revealing conditions for animals who are eventually sold at PetSmart stores. Please tell PetSmart and PETCO in no uncertain terms to stop selling animals in their stores.

PETA investigations amply demonstrate that appalling neglect and abuse is just business as usual for companies that buy and sell living beings, so please tell your coworkers, friends, and everyone you know not to shop in their stores.

This post was originally published on The PETA Files.

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  • Maria E says:

    We need STRONGER LAWS to protect all animals around the world. If there were stronger laws and jail sentences maybe just maybe we can make a difference.

  • kenya says:

    Hey Petco and PetSmart suppliers you’re going to really love what I’m about to say I recently emailed President Barack Obama about what you are doing to these poor helpless animals that don’t deserve this I emailed him all the link from YouTube in All from the internet don’t be surprised if in the next couple of months you get shut down I’m going to have the best time ever

  • Jordan Marie says:

    I have a question. What makes these people think this any different from slavery?? The animals are being bought and sold their whole lives, miss treated and beaten.. It truly makes me sick that these people can sleep at night knowing what they are doing to helpless lives!

  • I am a true pocket animal lover. My guinea piggy means the world to me. Seeing other animals that are so defenseless being treated with the least amount of care makes my skin crawl. Let’s do something!

  • Robert Nelson says:

    When does it end??????????????
    I used to shop at both locations. Never again! If enough people do likewise, these chain stores will get the message.

    Robert E. Nelson

  • Sandra Deneault says:

    No more pet stores, they should be all closed down.

  • Pam Borgos says:

    This is so very terriable. What is wrong with people if they can treat a animal of any kind like this they can do the same to a human…

    I am going to pass this around and be sure NOONE shops at Petco or PetSmart ever again… It is horriable.. So inhuman. So sad.. And it pisses me off!!!!

    And here these two businessess say that they care and love these animals and they don’t they abuse and kill them so why are they still in business???

  • Liz says:

    It should be illegal to sell and abuse animals for profit. This makes me sick to see. I will never shop at any pet store or buy from any breeder. Anyone who does so is willingly participating in animal abuse. It is that simple.

  • Chazie says:

    hate them! *angry*

  • Barbara J C says:

    I did not watch the video – I don’t need to see the cruelty to know it exists. I will never shop at a pet store, or any store, that sells animals, ever again. It took my husband telling me about the force feeding of baby ducks for me to wake up to the cruelty in the animal world. They have no defense except us! Stay strong, stay vegan, and support peta and it’s members in stopping the cruelty!

  • Charly-ann Marlor says:

    Sick pathetic inhumane these are living beautiful creatures not animals

  • Dyan Nash says:

    This was brought up some months ago. These are obvious reasons to charge these companies with animal abuse in any state. Why, then, hasn’t PETA done so instead of simply repeating the fact that they abuse animals?

  • While I don’t agree with PETA stance on fishing, I applaud your efforts to expose animal cruelty. Shame on all who commit, hide or profit from animal abuse.
    Animal abusers will pay for their crimes at the Pearly Gates – and sooner if caught by undercover probes.

  • Pamela says:

    I have never shopped PetSmart and haven’t been in a PetCo since the time I asked for a feline hairball remedy without petroleum product in it and an stressed employee snapped, “We don’t sell that kind of stuff”.

  • regina sigal says:

    I never go to these stores. I can’t look at poor animals there.
    Why do people buy animals ? How can people do it when so many
    animals are homeless ?

  • Cathy says:

    I can’t help but say, the line of Budda’s

    “May all that have life be delivered from suffering.”

    I have had pet hamsters and they are living, charming and cuddly beings. This story made me sick.

  • Laureen says:

    If an animal is kept in a cage — it’s abuse. There should be a federal ban on profiting from the sale of any animal. Is the person in the video going to be prosecuted for animal abuse?????

  • gloria says:

    Thank you Peta for saving these poor animals.. Petstores with animals suck..

  • LISA says:

    All the pets I and my family have had were strays or rescued from bad home situations. My last little pet was a rescued gerbil “taken” by my sister who couldn’t stand to watch the little gerbil neglected by the under 5-years-old boy that it had been bought for. My sister had told me that everytine she had visited this family, she couldn’t help but notice that the gerbil lived in a sparse wire cage with just newspaper and hardly no fresh water or food. Well, thank goodness my sister decided to take matters into her own hands. She decided to intervene on behalf of the little creature and “liberated” it. She then brought her to me for care. Just like with most families, parents “buy” little animals for their often too young kids to “care” for and that’s exactly what doesn’t happen. I can’t stand to see these little guys in their glass boxes on display for potential buyers to swoop in and give them to their own children, basically not knowing or realizing that they’re signing a slow death warrant for these animals.

    The little gerbil that I ended up getting I couldn’t help but dote upon! And I made sure she got the care and affection she deserved by spoiling her of course!! Tweeter thrived for over four years and passed away peacefully.

    I refuse to ever buy a living creature for any reason under the sun. It’s just ugly to me. I hope that with time everyone else will feel the same and put pet stores out of business permanently.

  • Marcia Keller says:

    You cannot have animals’ best interests at heart if you allow this kind of back-room callousness. Hard to believe your store is serious when it supports adopting other animals (dogs and cats) so lovingly.

  • Marsha Levine says:

    Many issues expose the fact that many of our laws and govrnment supervision regarding the wellfare of animals are severly lacking.

    Much of what goes on here in the US is as horrific as it in in some third world countries.

    It should never have had the chance to happen.

  • Laura Frisk says:

    I never shop at stores that sell animals like Petsmart or Petco. My local Pet People store sells only food and supplies that I need for my animal companions. They don’t sell any animals, birds, fish, reptiles or even crickets. I am thankful that PETA is revealing abusive conditions at Petco and Petsmart, but we all need to do our part by not shopping in any stores that sell animals.

  • tsalagi says:

    we are watching you. please! punish those that abuse helpless animals and know – we are watching you.

  • Ruth says:

    Genesis 1:28 Further, God blessed them and God said to them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.”

    29 And God went on to say: “Here I have given to YOU all vegetation bearing seed which is on the surface of the whole earth and every tree on which there is the fruit of a tree bearing seed. To YOU let it serve as food.

    30 And to every wild beast of the earth and to every flying creature of the heavens and to everything moving upon the earth in which there is life as a soul I have given all green vegetation for food.” And it came to be so.

    If you read what it says, it says

    Here I have given to YOU all vegetation bearing seed which is on the surface of the whole earth and every tree on which there is the fruit of a tree bearing seed. To YOU let it serve as food.

    God was talking about animals and people eating VEGETATION.



    And if you believe in god or you do not you have to believe, simple you eat, drink, sleep and breath these are his rules.



  • Gail Burack says:

    I will NEVER step foot in any of those stores again. That is a shame and something should be done to close down ALL those stores.

  • Jan Geren says:

    I always feel sad when I see the animals in these stores. Some looked so stressed and they charge so much that the animal probably ends up dying or getting ill. Some of the animals at Petco and Petsmart here look very ill. They hide behind the humane society’s adoption events to make them look good but I can see there is something terribly wrong at these stores. I tried to adopt a rabbit that was dumped at the Petco there and they said an employee took him and later I found out he simply gave him to someone. I think he fed him to his snake. Last week, the Petco in Redding CA had a sick and old guinea pig that had fur missing and he looked terrible. The girl said he was up for adoption like that. I felt like adopting him just to get him out of that horrible store. The employees are cold and seem to be very uncaring and negligent for people who handle animals. I say to shut them both down.

  • Christina says:

    Way to go PETA! Hopefully these animals will get the care they deserve and the people who abused them will go to jail!

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