WATCH: Ingrid Newkirk’s March on Washington!

For four decades, PETA has led the global animal rights movement with Ingrid Newkirk at the helm. Her fierce activism and boundless compassion have led us to a host of groundbreaking victories for animals.

To help celebrate our 40th anniversary, Ingrid recently took a 12-mile walk down memory lane, visiting animal rights landmarks in Washington, D.C., and reliving pivotal moments in PETA’s journey.

Starting at our D.C. headquarters and concluding at the Library of Congress, Ingrid recounts important moments in animal rights history. She visits the Washington Hilton hotel, where President Ronald Reagan was shot, and reveals a little-known secret about a dog who was on the scene at the time; the Willard InterContinental Hotel (aka the “Hotel of Presidents”), where PETA held its very first star-packed gala with Natalie Portman on piano; the J. Edgar Hoover F.B.I. Building, where Ingrid recounts PETA’s interactions with the agency over 70 hours of videotape stolen from a monkey laboratory; and other national monuments and historic sites, with anecdotes supplied about each.

Are you ready for a fun and informative virtual walk? Let’s go!


There’s still an opportunity for you to support Ingrid’s “March on Washington” and all our vital work for animals.

You can also create your own fundraiser for animals today by joining the PETA Pack, a community of committed supporters who tap into their interests and strengths to make a difference for animals in whatever way they choose—be it a run, a swim, a holiday bake-a-thon, or maybe even a walk with a beloved companion through your own animal rights history!