The Seal-Bashing Begins

Yesterday marked the first day of Canada’s  annual commercial seal slaughter, in which tens of thousands of baby  seals are shot, bludgeoned, and skinned so that off-season fishers can sell  their pelts. Baby seals can legally be killed as soon as they lose their white  fur at just a few weeks of age, and most are killed when they are less than 3  months old.

Because of the worldwide outcry against the slaughter, all major markets have  banned seal fur, including the European Union, the U.S., Mexico, Taiwan, and  even Russia. Canada is currently spending an estimated $10 million in taxpayer  money to try to overturn the EU ban, but here at PETA, we are working hard to  ensure that it stays in place by attending  World Trade Organization hearings in Geneva and teaming up with Jude  Law, Pamela  Anderson, and other compassionate celebs to keep this issue in the  spotlight.

The seal slaughter is only hanging on by a thread, thanks to supporters  around the world who continue to hold eye-catching demonstrations at Canadian  embassies, the tens of thousands of people who are using social media as a  platform to raise awareness, and the free Seals  Hero app, which thousands of young Canadians are using to fight sealing from  their cell phones.

It’s time for the Canadian government to accept that the world has turned its  back on seal products and devise a practical exit strategy: a government buyout  of the sealing industry. Please take  action now, and encourage your friends and family to join you!