Making Headlines for Animals

PETA’s work for animals is making headlines around the world. Here are a few of our most widely covered campaigns in recent weeks!

Helping Animals in Ukraine

PETA Germany has now fed nearly 84,000 cats and dogs and delivered almost 1,000 animals to safety since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Many are being adopted into loving homes in other countries. After relentless pressure from PETA entities, the U.K. and India are among the countries that are relaxing restrictions to allow companion animals to cross borders safely and more easily with their guardians.

PETA’s Top 5 Things to Do in ‘Elden Ring’

Gaming sites and social media influencers have widely shared PETA’s video with tips on how to play the popular video game Elden Ring in a way that’s animal-friendly.

Chris Brown’s Monkey Dealer Pleads Guilty

A Florida-based exotic-animal dealer has pleaded guilty to federal charges related to the illegal sale and transport of primates—including his now-infamous sale of a capuchin monkey to singer Chris Brown—and PETA is urging federal officials to revoke his license so that he can no longer sell exotic animals for the pet trade.

Publix Drops Coconut Milk Tied to Monkey Labor

Victory! Publix has stopped selling Chaokoh coconut milk—a product of forced monkey labor in Thailand—after a vigorous PETA campaign.

PETA Suggests That the NFL Replace Outdated Name of Penalty

PETA is asking the NFL to rename the penalty called a “horse-collar tackle” the “Goodell grab,” the “Roy Williams tackle,” or anything else that wouldn’t make light of exploiting horses for labor.

Burger King Opens Entirely Vegan Restaurant in England

PETA U.K. is celebrating Burger King’s new flagship restaurant in London’s Leicester Square that will sell only vegan food for a full month.

PETA’s ‘Save the Whales’ Ads Land at Portland Jetport in Maine

Since Maine officials are seeking to get PETA’s pro-vegan “Save the Whales” ads removed from the Portland International Jetport, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk reminded them that vegan food is booming—and has renewed our offer to retrain anyone who wants to leave the ugly fishing industry behind.

Oscar Nominees May Help PETA Pull the Plug on SeaWorld

PETA contributed an inflatable pool orca to the swag bags for top Oscar nominees this year, reminding entertainers that “SeaWorld BLOWS.”

Lolita Will No Longer Be Forced to Perform at the Miami Seaquarium

The company slated to take over the Miami Seaquarium’s lease has made an agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture that it will no longer force the long-suffering orca to perform in shows—or exhibit her to the public!