Curbing the Homeless Dog and Cat Crisis in Cancún, Mexico

Homeless animals in Cancún, Mexico, have a friend in PETA Latino. Earlier this year, with the help of the city government, we sponsored a hugely popular, free spay/neuter event, sterilizing 136 dogs and 64 cats in just two days—and now we’re back to help again.

Mayor of Cancún, Mara Lezama Espinosa (Left) and PETA’s Representative, Rachel Bellis (Right)


Last week, the municipal animal shelter, Dirección de Protección y Bienestar Animal—along with the support of a PETA representative—held two smaller clinics in Cancún that provided 120 more cats and dogs with spay/neuter procedures, all free of charge.

We also promoted compassion for all animals by offering delicious vegan burritos and Spanish-language vegan starter kits to guardians while their animals were in surgery.

More of these life-saving clinics are planned to take place soon.

From Cancún, our representative traveled two-and-a-half hours west to help animals in the small town of Chichimilá. With the support of local contacts, we administered flea and tick prevention and deworming medications to 84 dogs and cats in two days.

PETA’s Representative, Rachel Bellis (Left); Local Contact, Miguel Aguilar (Center); and Gabriel Lopez Ceballos (Right)


We’re now discussing holding a spay/neuter clinic in Chichimilá, too, after the new mayor takes office there in September.

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