Host a Virtual ‘Seaspiracy’ Watch Party

The highly anticipated documentary Seaspiracy is now available on Netflix! This can only mean one thing: It’s time to host a watch party.

What is Seaspiracy?

Seaspiracy, a documentary by directors Ali and Lucy Tabrizi, uncovers the commercial fishing industry’s harmful practices and highlights the pressing need to protect marine animals and our world’s oceans. The film comes from producer Kip Andersen, who was also behind Cowspiracy and What the Health. In the process of making the film, the team came to understand the vast scale of destruction that the global fishing industry is responsible for, and the shocking way that governments and environmental groups have profited from it. Seaspiracy is a compelling story that reveals the one thing we can all do to save our oceans and the animals who call them home.

What Is a Watch Party, and How Do Watch Parties Work?

Hosting a Seaspiracy watch party is as easy as it is important. Use Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party), Houseparty, or Zoom (sign into your Netflix account, click the “Share Screen” button on Zoom, and press play) so that you and your viewing buddies can chat along during the film. A day or two before your Seaspiracy watch party, encourage your friends to try out a vegan fish recipe — a socially distanced potluck, if you will. This will help your pals see just how easy it is to eat food that didn’t have a face and help save our oceans and the rest of the planet at the same time.

Is Seaspiracy Bringing Out the Fish Advocate in You?

We’re not surprised! Seaspiracy is doing for fish what Cowspiracy did for cows and Blackfish did for the #EmptyTheTanks anti-SeaWorld movement. And we’ve got good news: It’s as easy to speak up for our fish friends as it is to host a Seaspiracy watch party. Click here to urge Long John Silver’s and Captain D’s to learn from Seaspiracy. Then encourage your friends, family, and other social media followers to take action for fish, too.

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