5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. Victory #1! After more than a year of relentless campaigning by PETA entities, the European citizens’ initiative (ECI) to protect and strengthen cruelty-free cosmetics has been validated with more than 1.2 million signatures. Now, the European Commission must meet with representatives from PETA entities and other groups supporting the ECI to discuss plans for a Europe without animal tests.
  2. Victory #2! An 18-month PETA investigation into a nightmarish laboratory in Colombia that has been operating with the help of millions of dollars in National Institutes of Health grants has led to an order to end experiments there and plans to seize the animals it imprisons.
  3. Victory #3! Pressure from PETA paid off, as the University of Wisconsin–Madison has canceled gruesome decompression experiments on sheep two years before their scheduled completion. Now we’re demanding that the U.S. Navy end all decompression and oxygen toxicity experiments on any species at any institutions.
  4. PETA’s Dr. Katherine Roe joined podcast Species Unite for a powerful segment about Margaret Livingstone’s vision deprivation experiments on infant monkeys at Harvard Medical School, the failure of animal tests in general, and the human-relevant research methods that institutions should use instead.
  5. Social media influencers joined PETA to kick off the latest “Without Consent” tour stop at the University of California–Los Angeles, helping us raise awareness of the hideous futility of animal tests.