5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. PETA has released the laboratory footage that Oregon Health & Science University desperately wanted to keep secret. We had to file a lawsuit in order to obtain it, and now we’re challenging experimenters for getting voles drunk to see if they’d be “unfaithful” to their arbitrarily assigned mates—before killing every single animal.
  2. We’re kicking off this Year of the Rabbit with major developments for small animals in laboratories—including progress made by PETA scientists to prevent rabbits from being used in invasive pyrogen testing and the notorious Draize eye irritation test.
  3. PETA Science Consortium International e.V. coauthored a groundbreaking new paper that could save animals and revolutionize inhalation toxicity testing. It describes a study, partially funded by the Science Consortium, showing that human lung slices can be used for toxicity testing even after they’ve been frozen—expanding the availability of these tissues and replacing the use of rats in tests in which they’re crammed inside tiny tubes and exposed to chemicals before being killed.
  4. PETA is again rallying supporters in Virginia to hold facilities that still test on animals accountable and increase transparency by lobbying for Senate Bill 1271.
  5. We’ve filed a new complaint with Baylor College of Medicine, demanding action after experimenters racked up 91 animal welfare violations, including for allowing a mouse to catch fire during surgery, failing to give animals adequate pain relief, and other atrocities.