5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. PETA’s raising eyebrows in D.C. with full-page ads in The Washington Times and The Hill slamming the National Institutes of Health for squandering millions in new funding of the troubled Washington National Primate Research Center.
  2. Victory for rabbits! More than 30 years after PETA first met with the U.S. Department of Transportation, the agency has expanded its acceptance of non-animal methods for skin corrosion testing, meaning companies will now be encouraged to use animal-free tests, rather than inflicting chemical burns on rabbits.
  3. EGYPTAIR faced a one-two PETA punch in our campaign to stop primate transport: In the U.S., PETA supporters blasted the airline’s Washington, D.C., office with audio of monkeys’ screams, while PETA France supporters at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport reminded the airline that “cruelty doesn’t fly.”
  4. PETA U.K. Science Policy Manager Dr. Julia Baines offers a powerful reminder of the suffering that beagles and other dogs endure in laboratories—torment that would come to a screeching halt if authorities around the world embraced PETA entities’ Research Modernization Deal.
  5. PETA entities have garnered widespread international media coverage for “reaction videos” featuring Italian and French celebrities’ responses to video footage of animal testing—rallying even more European support for an important petition that aims to challenge archaic testing requirements and protect cruelty-free cosmetics in the European Union. Dutch singer and influencer Klaasje Meijer is also using her platform to boost this urgent campaign.