5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. After an open letter signed by 25 Dutch scientists, petitions, meetings, expert guidance, and more, PETA entities have successfully persuaded the Dutch government to accept a series of motions that will reduce animal testing! It’s a huge sign of progress in the push for the Netherlands to become a leader in animal-free research.
  2. Dancing “animals” at the European Parliament in Brussels drummed up support for a European citizens’ initiative—backed by PETA entities—to protect cruelty-free cosmetics and spare animals archaic tests.
  3. PETA U.S. placed a full-page ad in The Washington Times promoting our Research Modernization Deal—a road map for ending the failed, cruel, and costly animal-testing paradigm.
  4. A Maryland state senator has joined us in asking for confirmation that the mutilation and torment of barn owls at the hands of Johns Hopkins University experimenter Shreesh Mysore—who has repeatedly violated state law—have ended. This follows last week’s announcement that after PETA filed a complaint, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources revoked Mysore’s license to kill the owls—a key part of his federally funded experiments.
  5. We released a poignant video depicting the life of captive marmoset monkey Anakin, who suffered in stressful “cognitive tests” at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst before he was killed in order to cut up his brain. We’re demanding that the school stop abusing all individuals like Anakin.