5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. PETA entities’ protests captured global attention during World Week for Animals in Laboratories: A PETA India member was caged, shackled to a table, “force-fed chemicals,” and “electrocuted” to illustrate the agony of animal tests; passersby in Italy were confronted with “crying monkeys” in transport crates; and PETA U.K. “grim reapers” haunted the University of Bristol for failing to ban the terrifying forced swim test.
  2. PETA U.K. and PETA Netherlands placed an open letter signed by 21 scientists in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, urging the Dutch government to stop wasting time and breaking promises and to begin phasing out failed animal tests.
  3. PETA supporters crashed a club luncheon in Indianapolis to confront Eli Lilly’s CEO and expose the pharmaceutical company’s shameful refusal to ban the forced swim test (as a number of its competitors have done).
  4. Following the PETA-propelled introduction and passage of five landmark animal protection bills in Virginia, a full-page PETA ad in The Hill rallied members of Congress in pushing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to suspend the license allowing contract-testing company Envigo to operate a beagle-breeding factory farm—which, as we exposed last year, funnels miserable dogs into laboratories.
  5. PETA Latino pal and actor Patricia de León stars in a new video condemning National Institutes of Health experimenter Elisabeth Murray’s frightful monkey tests. The campaign garnered coverage in the massive Spanish-language media outlet La Opinión!