5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. A one-two punch! Two U.S. senators demanded action against contract-testing company Envigo’s beagle-breeding hellhole—and Virginia’s governor has signed into law five bills to protect the dogs confined at that awful facility.
  2. Beloved Harry Potter actor and animal advocate Evanna Lynch is supporting the European Citizens’ Initiative led by PETA U.K. and other groups, which aims to protect European bans on animal tests for cosmetics.
  3. PETA’s “owls” gave the president of Johns Hopkins University a wake-up call—swooping to his home and playing recordings of the screeching sounds of traumatized owls in the hope that he’ll end the torture of sensitive birds in the school’s laboratory.
  4. Through PETA’s partnership with Colombian street artist Praxis, folks in Davis, California, are being confronted with thought-provoking images of traumatized baby monkeys—reminding federal officials and the public why the California National Primate Research Center and other torture chambers across the U.S. must be shut down.
  5. PETA exposed that the University of Wisconsin–Madison and other publicly funded universities killed animals deemed “non-essential” during COVID-19 lockdowns and is calling for them to reimburse millions in taxpayer dollars.