5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. PETA’s spin on the classic Operation game is a clever reminder of why experiments on animals are no joke. We’re using a teaser video to call out the vivisection industry, which spends taxpayer funds to produce useless data and failed drugs.
  2. Our thought-provoking “Without Consent” exhibit landed at Texas A&M University, confronting the school for subjecting animals to archaic tests—and for holding nine healthy dogs captive in its laboratory instead of releasing them into loving homes. On its opening day, staffers shared the exhibit with over 200 people!
  3. In a powerful protest against Eli Lilly’s forced swim tests, PETA Australia supporters in mouse costumes flailed in the water at Sydney’s Bondi Beach—demanding that the global pharmaceutical company stop subjecting mice to near-drowning experiments.
  4. PETA entities are reshaping toxicology testing with compassion: Our scientists attended the largest toxicology conference in the world to lead educational sessions on non-animal testing approaches, present posters about superior human cell–based three-dimensional lung models, accept awards for their contributions to the field, and network with other experts.
  5. We’re rallying supporters in Virginia to urge Gov. Glenn Youngkin to sign five historic, PETA-backed bipartisan bills, which were unanimously passed by both chambers of the General Assembly. If signed, the bills will hold contract-testing company Envigo accountable for the neglect and cruelty our investigation and federal inspections uncovered at its beagle-breeding facility.