5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. From sparing a guinea pig destined for a ridiculous space mission to reshaping Taiwan’s food and beverage industry and pressuring Francis Collins, the widely criticized former director of the National Institutes of Health, to resign, see the many ways PETA scientists changed the world for humans and other animals in 2021.
  2. A Washington state court has ruled in PETA’s favor and held the University of Washington (UW) liable for its policy of destroying records and video footage taken by experimenters at the school’s Washington National Primate Research Center.
  3. With UW under scrutiny for its secretive, disease-ridden breeding facility in Arizona, PETA is calling on Johns Hopkins University to stop buying and using monkeys from UW’s primate prison—and to retract any published papers based on experiments using potentially infected monkeys.
  4. Following PETA’s damning eyewitness investigation, The Washington Post has cast another spotlight on a hideous beagle factory farm in Virginia that’s been churning out dogs and selling them to experimenters for 60 years.
  5. After PETA U.K. collaborated with students at the University of Bristol, the school’s Students’ Union passed a motion opposing the use of the cruel and bogus forced swim test. Now, if the university fails to respect the motion, it’ll demonstrate that it’s out of touch with students as well as science.