5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. PETA neuroscientist Emily Trunnell was interviewed by Psychology Today about PETA entities’ world-changing, science-revitalizing Research Modernization Deal.
  2. We’ve purchased stock in Inotiv, the parent company of Envigo—whose massive beagle-breeding facility PETA exposed this fall—allowing us to address other shareholders directly about Envigo’s abysmal abuse of dogs.
  3. PETA’s campaigns and laboratory investigations are directly helping individuals like Tulip, Libby, Samson, and Sheena! Don’t miss our heartwarming feature sharing a few of these sensitive, loving animals’ stories.
  4. We’re urging the feds to investigate the University of California–Davis and the affiliated California National Primate Research Center for numerous animal welfare violations—including those related to incidents in which staff operated on a severely underweight monkey; moved the wrong rhesus macaque to an outdoor enclosure, where she was then attacked; and sickened titi monkeys by injecting them with a vaccine inappropriate for their species.
  5. In a huge victory for primates, after PETA supporters living in San Antonio raised a ruckus, Texas Biomedical Research Institute withdrew its request for $11 million from the taxpayer-funded local bond program—likely preventing the facility from breeding more monkeys to be tormented at the Southwest National Primate Research Center.