5 Ways PETA Is Helping Animals in Laboratories This Week

  1. PETA’s globetrotting “dinosaurs” threw a party in front of the White House to toast the announcement that Dr. Lawrence Tabak will serve as interim director of the National Institutes of Health—a hopeful sign that President Joe Biden will heed our call and appoint a new permanent director who embraces a modern approach to science that actually saves lives.
  2. We have exposed the University of Tennessee College of Medicine’s hideous trauma training drills using live pigs and are now demanding that the school implement more humane and effective methods immediately.
  3. PETA is requesting a criminal investigation to determine whether experimenter Shreesh Mysore’s gruesome and deadly brain tests on owls at Johns Hopkins University violated Maryland’s anti-cruelty laws. An “owl” in a Santa hat also delivered a gift of coal to the school’s president, pointing out that condoning animal tests would put anyone on the “naughty” list.
  4. Our investigation into a nightmarish Virginia beagle-breeding facility was covered in Science magazine in its report on the facility’s numerous animal welfare citations.
  5. PETA India, over 60 medical doctors, and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are urging India’s National Medical Commission not to mandate the use of animals in postgraduate pharmacology and physiology courses and to replace such archaic and cruel methods with more effective, human-relevant techniques.