10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

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10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

1. August 21 is PETA’s 37th birthday! Watch our new video, and meet some of the many animals we’ve rescued with your support.

2. There’s no doubt that compassion for animals is spreading like wildfire among young people. Learn why so that you can help your young friends looking to become more active for animals.

3. On visits to the grocery store, ask cashiers whether they’ve tried one of the vegan products you’re buying. People behind you in line have nothing to do but listen to your conversation and pick up information about vegan food. Also, be sure to bookmark PETA’s coupon page on your phone before you stock up on VeganEgg and other animal-friendly products.

4. Have friends who mistakenly think going vegan is a “white thing”? Change their perspective by reminding them that people of color from all over the world have embraced animal-friendly eating for quite some time.

5. Planning on camping over Labor Day? Remember to help prevent injuries to wildlife by cutting up six-pack rings, flattening cans, and never, ever littering!

6. More than 700 species of North American bees face potential extinction because of habitat loss and heavy pesticide use. Find out how you can be a “honey” to bees in four easy steps.

7. Make the next time that you walk your canine friends a “teaching moment.” If they get attention on walks, always mention that they’re “rescued dogs” from a shelter. If you adopted one as a senior, be sure to mention that, too, to encourage senior adoptions.

8. For many parts of the U.S., the end of summer means the peak of hurricane season. Whether you’re potentially in a storm’s path or not, make sure that you and your animal companions are prepared before disaster strikes.

9. Wondering how to talk about animal rights issues when they come up in conversation or when you’re asked? PETA has easy-to-understand answers to dozens of common questions that you’re likely to encounter.

10. There’s just one week left to enter PETA Prime’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 competition. Show the world what compassion looks like for a chance to win a 10-day cruise!