10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

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Here are 10 easy steps that you can take to help animals right now:

  1. Share PETA’s groundbreaking exposé revealing widespread misery and neglect on Canadian egg farms, and demand that farmers stop abandoning hens who are trapped in manure pits.
  2. This week’s Running of the Bulls will condemn dozens of exhausted animals to a violent death in the bullring. Discover why bullfighting is so cruel, and take action to help us end it.
  3. Celebrate Independence Day with a festive vegan feast and help animals live free from the horrors of the meat and dairy industries.
  4. Going to see the new blockbuster flick Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Don’t miss the movie’s important animal rights themes.
  5. Help save mice and other animals by urging Albertsons and other retailers to ban glue traps.
  6. Use this alphabetical list to find healthy, delicious vegan alternatives to dozens of dairy “products.”
  7. Social media sensation April the giraffe is pregnant again, but there’s no reason to celebrate.
  8. Learn why the “vegan police” need to retire if we truly want to make a difference for animals.
  9. After being contacted by more than 186,000 PETA supporters, Jack Daniel’s is ending its long-running sponsorship of the Iditarod! Join us in calling on Coca-Cola to do the same.
  10. July 7 is World Chocolate Day, and this definitive guide to vegan chocolate will help you be sweet to yourself, animals, and the planet.