10 Easy Things You Can Do to Help Animals!

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Here are 10 easy steps that you can take to help animals right now:

  1. Just in time for World Week for Animals in Laboratories, PETA’s latest podcast discusses the failure of animal experimentation.
  2. Warn loved ones about scam “rescue” groups that purchase animals from breeders and puppy mills—and always do your research to find out how local groups acquire their animals.
  3. No spoon? No problem. Nosh on these delicious vegan ice cream bars and sandwiches.
  4. Katina, an orca held captive at SeaWorld, recently sustained a gruesome dorsal fin injury during an interaction with incompatible animals. Share her story and the disturbing images with friends.
  5. Learn how vegan powerlifter and author Daniel Austin is working to end the age of the meat-eater.
  6. Demand that the University of Delaware put an end to cruel experiments attempting to replicate child abuse, of all things, in which rats are tormented, shocked, and nearly drowned.
  7. Remind the “carnivores” in your life that a meat-based diet will put their health at risk.
  8. Four baboons recently escaped from the hellish Texas Biomedical Research Institute and were chased through San Antonio traffic. Let’s prevent incidents like this by urging the National Institutes of Health to pull funding from primate laboratories.
  9. Join the more than 800,000 people worldwide who’ve participated in life-changing #FoodRevolution summits.
  10. Want more inspiration for ways to help animals in your community? Learn how PETA’s team has helped over 4,000 animals since the start of 2018.